Reflective Words

Thoughtful Words



Freedom is good but excess freedom causes madness behavior.

America needs Godly Leaders

America needs to return to God; America`s leaders need to seek God and teach its people to seek God. God is good but people want to have their way in everything–this is madness.

Positive Mental Attitude

If I can conceive a thought all by myself, then it is possible to act all by myself.                                                                                   


You cannot do everything but you can do anything.


If you pay attention to distractions, even though you finish the race, you will NOT win the race.

The Place

America is a Place; it is NOT (branded) the Place. You need The Place.

The Inspired Word; The Yardstick

The Christian life would have been practically difficult to live or practice in this world had we not have the written Word. Jesus’ life was not sufficient to live by as example; we need the Word which gives us the rule and guide by which we are to live a daily Christian life. Thank God for the Word.

The Word itself (essentially) is Jesus.

Your Heart, not your Head

Follow your heart, not your head. Your head tends toward pleasure but your heart tends toward purpose.

Loved Forever

The righteous are loved forever. ‘The Righteous’ means someone who has been favorably loved by God–someone who is infinitely loved. This is awesome.

You do not need to do any good thing before God loves you. He loves you regardless of anything and everything you do–good or bad. This is what is called real and true Love.

Infinite Knowledge by Infinite Being

God`s Spirit is perfect. He knows everything and everything is known by Him.

He reveals secrets; deep secrets and deep things that the ordinary mind cannot fathom or imagine.

The mind of God vs. The Mind of Man

The way God does things is different–different in the sense that it is at odd or variance to the way man does things. Therefore, the way of God is foolish to the mind of man. And the things of God are foolish to man`s understanding.

Money does not equate happiness

The possession of money does not guarantee happiness. Money does not bring peace of mind.

To win, you must play by the rule

Winning is all about strategy. you must have a winning strategy to implement towards achieving your goal.

All for the good

For God’s children, everything works for their good. The end is usually the best that could have happened given any circumstances.

Keep it up

Do not let your hands down. Stay up and keep up the good works. Never give up. The same energy you need to give up might just be the same energy required to keep up.


The longings of your heart ( what you wish or desire) is your purpose for living.

A Thankful Heart

Therefore, we can give thanks not just when it is convenient but when it does not make any sense to do so. You do not follow your instinct to obey God or do the right thing;  just do it.