Peace be with you!

The angel came to her and said, “Peace be with you! The Lord is with you and has greatly blessed you!”

Genuinely, Mary was scared of what was about to happen to her. She was not married, but the angel told her she would be pregnant.

The shame and disappointment that follows the news could be unbearable. And Joseph was going to leave Mary because she was pregnant out of wedlock.

The point is that this was Mary’s fear. We all have our fears at different times, and we must confront our fears.

Fear is a tool from the devil’s hands, but the peace that comes from God counters and truncates fear.

The peace of God is evidence that we are on the right path. The peace of God guides our hearts and helps us understand that we are in the will of God.

The peace of God causes calmness and does not trouble the mind, but fear does all the opposite.

Fear is often from all the negativities instigated by the devil, while Peace is from God and is always a sign that everything is in order.

Peace be with you!


Your life shall be in order as we enter the year 2022. Amen!


Fear Not!

And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Luke 1:30

This is not the season to be afraid, and not any other time because the Savior was born, and He’s still with us.

He is Emmanuel.

Rejoice because your King is here to rescue you from all oppressions and evil.

Fear not!

Fear is the enemy’s tool to defeat you. Do not give the devil that opportunity. Fear not! Your Savior is here, and He will save you.

Throw that fear under the Savior’s feet.

Release that fear from your mind and receive the Peace of God.

This is the way.

No matter the situation, fear not!

Under the Oppressor – master/servant ordeal

Oppressor aims to keep you as long as possible in bondage and pain.

When a thief comes into a house, the intention is to dominate for that short time. You lose your belongings and possibly everything within a short time. The first thing they do is to create fear.

Fear captures your mind, and you’re locked in.

Anything that can control your mind can control your life and destiny.

So the Egyptians placed supervisors over them, oppressing them with heavy burdens. Exodus 1:11

The master wants to control and retain the servant. Therefore, the goal is to keep them in that position perpetually.

People can keep you and use you as they like without you knowing. It’s all about the access they have to your mind.

Poverty can continually wreak havoc in your life, and you keep enduring unbearable situations under the false idea that you are okay.

If you can convince yourself that you are okay, then you won’t know when you are not okay.

If you are poor, it’s the mind that is poor.

Government and those in authority only often give the minimum to ensure that the populace doesn’t complain. And when they complain, they offer just a little more to silence them. Do they care? You can answer this yourself!

You will remain a servant as long as you have a master controlling any part of your life or that has access to control the state of your mind.

Open your other eye– your mind, and be free!

By and by!

By and by when the morning comes;
All the saints of God  are gathered home;
We’ll tell the story of how we’ve overcome;
For we’ll understand it better by and by.

This song is a reminisce.

Now, I believe I have a clearer picture of it.
A lot is happening in our world that we don’t understand, but when the Lord comes, no more confusion.

Everything hidden will be revealed. So many questions beg for answers, but the request for answers shall be granted. It’s a matter of time.

God will reveal His purpose, and His plans shall ultimately come to pass, and the finality of it all is when He comes.

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