Wisdom snippets

Thoughtful Words


Freedom is good, but excess freedom causes madness behavior.

America Needs Godly Leaders

America needs to return to God.

America’s leaders need to seek God and teach its people to seek God.

God is good but people want to have their way in everything–this is madness.

Positive Mental Attitude

If I can conceive a thought all by myself, it is possible to act without any help.                                                                                   


You cannot do everything, but you can do anything.


If you pay attention to distractions, even though you finish the race, you will NOT win the race.

The Place

America is a Place; it is NOT (branded) the Place. You need The Place.

The Inspired Word; The Yardstick

The Christian life would have been difficult to live or practice in this world had we not had the written Word.

Jesus’ life was not sufficient to live by as an example.

We need the Word that gives us the rule and guide by which we are to live a daily Christian life. Thank God for the Word.

The Word itself (essentially) is Jesus.

Your Heart, not your Head

Follow your heart, not your head. Your head tends toward pleasure, but your heart tends toward purpose.

Loved Forever

The righteous are loved forever. The Righteous means someone who has been favorably loved by God–someone who is infinitely loved. This is awesome!

You do not need to do any good thing before God loves you. He loves you regardless of anything and everything you do–good or bad. This is what is called real and true Love.

Infinite Knowledge by Infinite Being

God’s Spirit is perfect. He knows everything.

He reveals secrets; deep secrets and deep things that the ordinary mind cannot fathom or imagine.

The mind of God vs. The Mind of Man

The way God does things is different–different in the sense that it is at odd or variance from the way man does things.

Therefore, the way of God is foolish to the mind of man. And the things of God are foolish to man’s understanding.

Money does not equate to happiness

The possession of money does not guarantee happiness. Money does not bring peace of mind.

To win, you must play by the rule

Winning is all about strategy. You need a winning strategy to implement towards achieving your goal.

All for the good

For God’s children, everything works for their good. The end is usually the best that could have happened given any circumstances.

Keep it up

Do not let your hands down. Stay up and keep up the good work.

Never give up!

The same energy you need to give up might be the same energy required to keep up.


The longings of your heart (what you wish or desire) are your purpose for living.

A Thankful Heart

Therefore, we can give thanks not just when it is convenient but when it does not make any sense.

You do not follow your instinct to obey God or do the right thing. Just do it!

Wisdom snippets

  1. Ideas rule the world.

  2. It takes less than a second to think. So thinking is faster than speaking.

  3. If thinking is faster than speaking, then it’s possible to think before speaking.

  4. What’s the good in going to the next level if one is failure bound at the next level?

  5. If the risk is failure guaranteed, then the risk is not worth taking.

  6. If one is constantly chasing after money, Gold and Silver, there’s a high probability that the person will be missing out in other areas of life.

  7. Ideas abound, but most times, it’s only one idea that will take you from where you are to where you desire to be.

  8. Find your purpose before you get lost in this desert land.

  9. Find something to do; what you want to do. Get busy before someone else finds you what you don’t want to do.

  10. God cannot fail in His dealings. His faithfulness is everlasting. That means He is reliable. When men fail, you can count on Him.

  11. On July 10, 2021, the Nigeria basketball team played and beat Team USA. It is significant because it shows that nothing is impossible, especially if there’s cohesion. I believe they beat them because of a better cohesion than Team USA. “A cord of three strands is not easily broken”.

  12. Overconfidence can lead to failure at your best deliveries and capabilities.

  13. Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything.

  14. When a man (or any person) cannot find love at home, he starts looking for it from elsewhere.

  15. Fame and popularity are (almost) the two most dangerous twins to seek in this world. Now, I understand why Jesus ran away from publicity in His time.

  16. You have to believe it for yourself. You don’t need any person to believe for you what you already believe.

  17. Trying to be another person effectively bankrupts your destiny.

  18. Many people live fake life only to impress those who don’t care about them.

  19. In this life, as long as inequality exists, there will always be the oppressed and the oppressors.

  20. If it’s your dream and you have a strong conviction about it, then live out your dream unabated.

  21. The goodness and the handiwork of God are evident in our day-to-day life. Sometimes, you only need to look beyond what your eyes can see.

  22. Every resource has its limitations, but there’s one that’s limitless and far beyond and above.

  23. @ least I know there’s a God somewhere that cannot fail. My soul knows very well.

  24. Keep your mind off of what you don’t want in your head. Rid off the ridiculous thoughts that are trying to make you look ridiculous.

  25. You can only become so much as your mind can contain. Your greatness in life is a function of how vast your mind is.

  26. The grace of God and help from above make a difference in one’s life.

  27. Whatever you can’t change, there’s always a Supreme being who can make the difference. Look up to Him above.

  28. You have a short time to live on earth, therefore, enjoy your time well.

  29. God, the most Supreme, help me to understand how to live this life a successful life.

  30. Stay away from trouble as much as you can.

  31. Whatever you have or want to do, do it quickly. Time lost can’t be recovered. The same goes for investment opportunities.

  32. Master yourself; master your destiny.

  33. Rebrand, Renew and Refocus

  34. The help of God is better than the help of man.

  35. O God, give me the wisdom to say “no” when I need to and to say “yes” when I ought to.

  36. Most people can’t stand constructive criticism because it sounds off like an attack on their personality. A gentle explanation often helps.

  37. Engage in things you enjoy doing, and you’re more likely to succeed.

  38. Lead us not into temptation. Lord deliver us from the enemy.

  39. Don’t envy other people. Only fear God all the time, not man.

  40. Every man has the power to create because of his god-like nature in them.

  41. Generally, when the light comes, darkness must disappear.

  42. Darkness always gives way for light to shine, but darkness often enjoys a slight moment.

  43. Most times, it appears that darkness is too prevalent, but in no time, light always finds ways to shine and darkness must disappear.

  44. As long as darkness cannot last long before the light shines, so evil cannot last long before good overtakes it.

  45. One thing is certain concerning evil people– they will surely be punished for their wickedness.

  46. Truly, the power of creation is in the tongue. This is why truth is powerful, but lies can be deadly.

  47. God, also, is constantly looking for where to shine. He cannot operate in a vacuum. He needs a vessel.

  48. Even in the dark, God can still perform. So, where the odds are significantly stacked against Him, He is capable of working wonders. This is why we have what is called a “miracle”.

  49. God experience darkness too when He (Jesus) was on earth in the form of man.

  50. It is true that whatever you have to do, do it quickly. Truer is the fact that you also tend to forget the needful when you don’t do it at the right time thereby losing momentum.

  51. Laziness is one of the major causes of lack of success in life.

  52. Laziness is a demon. Don’t allow it in your life.

  53. You are more likely to succeed if you are hardworking at anything you do.

  54. There’s a thin line between Success and Failure in life: try a little more until you get it right.

  55. Even if you failed or made a mistake, that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. You simply gather yourself together, get up and continue to and till you get it right. It also means not settling for failure or regret.

  56. You don’t have to be popular to become a success. Popularity is not necessarily associated with a successful life.

  57. Satan can use anyone. You don’t need to agree with him. Just make yourself available and he will.

  58. Light and darkness have no correlation and no relationship.

  59. If you don’t take control of your situation, someone or something else will.

  60. I believe that money truly plays a great role in determining one’s success. Although, you don’t necessarily need money to become successful, but the presence of money in your life demonstrates to people and yourself that you’ve achieved a degree of success based on whatever vocation you are in.

  61. Inaction is action in itself.

  62. Time is as important to God as it is to Man.

  63. I know that God cannot reveal everything to me. The finite mind can’t contain the infinite things of God.

  64. God knew what He was doing when He created a companion for Adam in the garden of Eden. Even God is surrounded by numerous companions in heaven.

  65. Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 KJV complies with 1Jn 5:14 NET And this is the confidence that we have before him: that whenever we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. These two verses mean that if I align my desires with His desires, He delights in me and will give, perform, act, or do whatever I ask because whatever I ask is already according to His divine will because I already delight myself in Him.

  66. If the Lord is leading you, you make little or no mistakes.

  67. In our world today, many people do not believe in God nor His sovereignty. It should not change your stance of faith in God or cause doubt in you that there is still God.

  68. If believing in God is old school, I would have an old-school lifestyle.

  69. The hope of man is God.

  70. The grace of God saves man

  71. The mercy of God keeps a man.

  72. Listen to instructions and learn.

  73. Follow instructions and gain life.

  74. If you can, command or give orders to others to not teach false doctrines or tell lies.

  75. Reject lies completely!

  76. The law is made to punish lawlessness.

  77. The law is made to punish criminals.

  78. The law is not made for a good person. It is made for a bad person.

  79. Everyone needs comfort at some point.

  80. You will likely experience some form of depression in your life.

  81. If we have a good government, we can live in a good society.

  82. Bad leadership is equal to bad government.

  83. It is God’s will that you vote the right people into the government.

  84. It is no news that everyone could be saved if everyone could accept the truth. But not everyone will accept the truth. Therefore, not everyone will be saved.

  85. Family responsibility is, perhaps, the greatest responsibility.

  86. Good parenting results in well-behaved kids.

  87. A good community is a sign of good homebringing.

  88. Parenting is, perhaps the hardest job.

  89. If you cannot control your household, how can you handle other leadership responsibilities?

  90. Pay attention to the things that are important for your growth.

  91. Maximize your skills and gifts.

  92. Take care of your home before you take care of others.

  93. Your household is your highest priority.

  94. God, the Supreme being, is the ultimate protector.

  95. A proud person is a fool.

  96. It is useless and fruitless to argue with people of depraved minds.

  97. A godly lifestyle is noteworthy.

  98. Speake less!

  99. Pay attention more than you speak.

  100. We should be in awe of the fact that we bring nothing into this world, and we will certainly take nothing to the grave.

  101. The desire for money has ruined many lives and will ruin many more.

  102. Stop trying hard to be rich. You will leave it behind, anyway.

  103. Run away from everything that is luring you from God.

  104. We must all fight for the salvation of our souls.

  105. Those who persist are often successful.

  106. You must work on your gifts and skills to become useful and good at it.

  107. You must work on your vocation till you become excellent at what you do.

  108. Hold on! Don’t give up yet.

  109. The best people in your life are those who stay with you during your worst moments.

  110. Most pains are temporary. Endure!

  111. Essentially, your destiny is in your hands. Shape it into whatever you want.

  112. God is a le to deliver consistently if you trust Him.

  113. Nowadays, people know falsehood but still go for it. They are liars and don’t want to know the truth or are in denial of the truth.

  114. Your work will speak for you.

  115. There is a reward for every good action.

  116. There is a punishment for every bad action.

  117. I have seen from the Holy Book that God can ask you to do things that make no sense.

  118. Trust God even if it makes no sense.

  119. The Lord’s mercy endures forever.

  120. No one compares to God.

  121. Healing starts with a remorseful and sober soul.

  122. If you do the right thing, you will not need to appease anyone.

  123. Too much wine lowers or reduces your sense of judgment.

  124. If you do the right thing you need not be afraid.

  125. The Supreme being is constantly working even though we can’t see it.

  126. Wisdom is, perhaps, the most important virtue you can ever acquire.

  127. Bad days are inevitable.

  128. Repentance, not sacrifice, is what counts.

  129. The Supreme being is capable of deliverance.

  130. Don’t shut your mouth! Ask for help if you need it.

  131. You must call on the deliverer to be delivered.

  132. Judgment and punishment are inevitable for evil. You might escape temporarily but you cannot escape forever.

  133. The Supreme Being is the Sustainer of all. Even the skilled and the strongest fail in days of adversity.

  134. We all face the reality of things daily even though some deny it.

  135. The Supreme Being chooses whoever He wants to do His purpose.

  136. No one can hide from the Supreme Being.

  137. Sometimes, you think you are doing the wrong thing but it’s the right thing to do at the moment even though it doesn’t look good.

  138. Sometimes, friends are better than relatives.

  139. The downfall of a man is not the end of him.

  140. A burden (distraught mind) can be a good sign that leads to good actions.

  141. Lack of patience has led to many wrecked destinies.

  142. Answers always come it’s just when and how.

  143. The Supreme being is capable of delivering those who trust in Him.

  144. Strength comes when there is hope.

  145. Happiness comes from material possessions but joy comes from inner confidence and conviction that a bad situation will get better.

  146. The presence of the Supreme Being in one’s life makes the difference.

  147. The end is often better than the beginning.

  148. Always give your best even when the condition is unfavorable.

  149. Giving is a good act approved by the Supreme Being.

  150. There’s always a distinction between good and evil.

  151. The family you are born into often determines one’s destiny and success in life.

  152. Temptation will come. Preparation is the key to overcoming it.

  153. The most important temptation comes from your area of weakness or your area of need.

  154. Pride can be the second most important temptation to any man.

  155. Appropriating what belongs to God to other things is idolatry and is a strong temptation.

  156. There is a place greater and better than this earthly place.

  157. Take care of today; tomorrow will itself.

  158. Live today; dream tomorrow!

  159. Thinking excessively about tomorrow is called worry.

  160. Think about today; pray about tomorrow.

  161. If you are ever in need, simply ask. Don’t hesitate. The worst you get is a “no”.

  162. The way of this world allows all types of garbage through it, but the way of the Supreme Being does not. Thus, many find it inconvenient to follow the Truth.

  163. The foundation is key to the survival and longevity of the house.

  164. If your foundation is faulty, everything built on top of it, even if it is of the best materials, would collapse because the bad background cannot sustain the lofty edifice on top of it.

  165. Speak the Word! Say it wisely and conscientiously for words are powerful.

  166. Faith cannot triumph in the presence of fear.

  167. Doubt quenches the ability of faith to work.

  168. You cannot force the gospel on people who don’t want it. It is a free-will idea.

  169. There is a propelling power behind an action.

  170. Regardless of what you do, people will still comment. So, go ahead and do what you got to do!

  171. The Supreme Being does not ask us to do things He has not given us the grace to do.

  172. The Supreme Being does not lay a heavy burden on us.

  173. The Supreme Being does not require of us the responsibility He has not given us the ability to do.

  174. It is wise to run (stay) away from trouble.

  175. You can’t hide your character (self) for long. It is like an odor. It will surely smell.

  176. Space does not exist in a vacuum. It is always filled with something.

  177. Relationship matters to the Supreme being. He enjoys closeness with His people.

  178. Your enemies work mostly when you are not aware or when you are less alert.

  179. The Supreme Being knows all things. We don’t know everything.

  180. The knowledge of the Holy One is good for understanding the issues of life.

  181. There is vast wickedness in this world that you cannot tame it.

  182. In the end, wicked people shall perish.

  183. Any act against the Supreme Being and humanity is wicked.

  184. You use different methods to explain your point when you are eager to let the message sink in.

  185. People close to you are less likely to believe your dream.

  186. If you tell your vision and no one believes you, move on from them.

  187. Your work is more recognized where you are not well known.

  188. Familiarity is the killer of faith; the destroyer of miracles.

  189. To stand out, dare to stand alone.

  190. To be outstanding, stand outside the crowd.

  191. If you mingle with the multitude (crowd), you will miss your goal.

  192. Turn a deaf ear to the crowd’s noise. It is overwhelming.

  193. You often need to sacrifice more to enjoy the extra perks.

  194. Doubt is the miracle stopper.

  195. It is impossible to please or satisfy everyone.

  196. Be watchful and prayerful.

  197. You can be deceived easily but it takes time to believe (trust).

  198. Fake news and fake doctrines spread easily but it takes a lot of time for truth and good news to spread.

  199. The end of man is death.

  200. There is no lasting, material gain in this world because when you die, you lose all of them.

  201. Almost everything in this life takes time to process and manifest.

  202. (Even) the Supreme Being gets frustrated too with man’s pathetic manners.

  203. You acquire power through prayer and fasting, but you manifest the power through faith.

  204. If they call your master names then they will likely call you names too.

  205. Humility is the bedrock of greatness.

  206. You must strive to remain humble all through your ministry and vocation.

  207. The enemy could design strategies to make you full of yourself or that you have arrived and have no need of God. This is dangerous.

  208. The moment you start to think you don’t need counsel or correction, watch! Your life is in dire danger.

  209. Pride is the enemy of any man’s destiny, the enemy of greatness.

  210. Guide your heart with all diligence against pride.

  211. We all have choices. We all make choices. We become our choices.

  212. Make every effort to reconcile, but if the other party refuses, move on.

  213. Forgive others so that your heart is healed.

  214. Bitterness is bad for the soul of man.

  215. The rich often rely on their riches to save or help them, but most often it cannot.

  216. The material things of this life perish but your soul lives on forever.

  217. It is the everlasting or eternal blessing that lasts forever. Earthly or temporary blessing fades away or perishes.

  218. You need the power to be effective and impactful.

  219. Compassion endears you to show empathy.

  220. Evil people will still be angry with you even when you are doing good.

  221. Don’t stay with evil, despicable people. Leave them!

  222. The doer counts, not the hearer.

  223. Don’t just make promises, fulfill them.

  224. Many will reject the truth and embrace lies.

  225. Hypocrisy is deceit and lies.

  226. Deception and fear are hypocritical lifestyles.

  227. False prophets abound. Be careful who you listen to.

  228. A relationship is all about whether the love is growing strong or growing cold.

  229. Pray about everything, and pray about anything.

  230. Forewarned is forearmed.

  231. To see clearly, you’ve got to discern between the good and the bad.

  232. You can grow wisdom by learning.

  233. The little that you have, work on it, and make good out of it.

  234. Keep doing good. You can have reward Herr on earth and definitely reward in heaven.

  235. Money is a material thing. Do not let the quest of it bring you shame and down to the grave.

  236. An evil plan can be good for you if it is divinely ordained.

  237. You only become famous through your actions. It is what you do that sells you out.

  238. It is easier to see other people’s mistakes than to see your errors.

  239. The confidence in your power propels faith into action.

  240. Don’t negotiate with the devil. All deals are bad.

  241. Don’t negotiate with the devil. He can’t speak the truth. He lies all the time.

  242. Don’t negotiate with the devil. He won’t keep his end of the bargain.

  243. Action must accompany Faith for it to work.

  244. Be not afraid, only believe.

  245. Do not let Doubters surround you. They will dampen your faith.

  246. The heart (mind) is a major battleground.

  247. Fight hard for victory over your life.

  248. You must learn to handle your daily struggles because there will always be a daily issue to deal with.

  249. Every action of man is a display of what is going on inside of a man.

  250. If you are going to do it, then do it right!

  251. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your identity. Therefore, don’t hide your identity.

  252. Faith stirs up power into action.

  253. Power releases the energy that produces action.

  254. Anyone who speaks evil about you is against you. Such a person does not care about you.

  255. Anyone who speaks evil about you can kill because words are powerful.

  256. Humility is one of the reasons great men reach the top of the pinnacle.

  257. Pride can bring any man down from grace.

  258. Be busy with your work and vocation, and you will never feel bored.

  259. It is difficult for a rich man to path away with his riches because they are his treasure.

  260. There exist a supernatural Savior.

  261. Salvation belongs to the Supernatural one.

  262. Willingness and readiness to serve are the calls for the Kingdom.

  263. Get rid of the entanglement that is holding you down.

  264. Your little gift can be more significant than the abundance of the rich.

  265. Do not anyone deceive you. It is within your power to refute lies.

  266. Watch and pray can never be a stale warning.

  267. Doing good is part of life.

  268. The devil can infiltrate any heart of man. All he needs is an opening.

  269. The sign of a repentant heart is a contrite spirit.

  270. Wine and strong drinks control, but you must be self-controlled and self-disciplined.

  271. There is no impossibility with the Supreme being.

  272. Good news brings a smile to the face.

  273. Glad tidings make the heart merry.

  274. If you are fruitful, you are likely to produce more fruits. If you are not fruitful, the little fruit you have might dry up.

  275. Being nice to others is nice.

  276. Have regard for authority even if it is not pleasant. It is a part of your way to greatness.

  277. It is only those who have faith and confidence in their work will receive results.

  278. Not everyone can receive or process the truth.

  279. The truth is despicable to some people.

  280. Do not let anything (environment or people) make you lose focus.

  281. If you are distracted, you cannot win the race.

  282. If you can, do not give the enemies any chance. They will ridicule you.

  283. If you do not replenish your strength, you will become depleted.

  284. Do not be stingy. Give to the needy if you can.

  285. If you cannot give to others, do not insult them but excuse your inability to give with a gentle smile.

  286. Listen to the wise and gain wisdom.

  287. Only a fool follows a foolish person.

  288. Bad people are incapable of doing good even though few of them often try to be nice.

  289. Being a nice person does not necessarily mean you are a good and kind person.

  290. Anybody can be nice but not necessarily kindhearted.

  291. It takes a compassionate and kind heart to behave well all the time.

  292. You can’t say that the temptation will not get you until you have been tempted or tested and overcome.

  293. If you love someone, you want to please them all the time.

  294. Every relationship is built on a foundation. The issue is what type of foundation it is built on: a shaky one or a solid one.

  295. There is no one that is perfect including the most revered ones.

  296. The hypocrites ought to be the most detestable people because they claim to be what they are not.

  297. The Supreme Being looks unto the contrite heart with compassion.

  298. Your belief system can guarantee your safety.

  299. Find a way to keep yourself busy so that you do not become an idle hand.

  300. Find a job or vocation to keep yourself busy so that you can live a responsible life.

  301. The evil man has no good thing to offer. That is why he is called evil.

  302. Your maximum satisfaction is a direct derivative of the fulfillment of your calling.

  303. Do not make your child too comfortable that they lose connection with the reality of life.

  304. If you already started it, you might as well finish it.

  305. Do not abandon a good project because of external discouragement.

  306. Do not abandon a good project because of internal conflicts.

  307. Only those who run the race to the end get listed on the board.

  308. If you do not finish the race, you cannot win the race.

  309. Run right; run well!

  310. If the Almighty God is with you, no devil can be against you. No demon can withstand you.

  311. You do not have to do everything. Prioritize what matters to you in life and focus on them.

  312. Your mind is your greatest asset. Put it to work and it will generate great wealth for you.

  313. If the Supreme Being does not save us, no one can save himself.

  314. I do not need all the time. I need just a little time to demonstrate my greatest potential to the world.

  315. All you need is an opportunity that would distinguish you from the crowd.

  316. Humans fake busyness but the Supreme Being is not too busy to attend to every single need.

  317. When there is disunity in the house, there is chaos and acrimony.

  318. Everyone is not for you.

  319. Some people, out of jealousy and resentment, do not want your progress.

  320. The enemy is constantly looking for opportunities, vacuums, holes, or empty spaces to fill and cause havoc.

  321. Any second opportunity for the enemy is to cause irreparable and irreversible damage.

  322. Your enemy is constantly looking for your downfall. Watch!

  323. Fear the Supreme being because He has the power to kill both the spirit, soul, and body.

  324. You should not be afraid of your identity otherwise you do not have any identity.

  325. Although material possessions are good, they are not life’s fulfillment in themselves.

  326. Material gains do not guarantee maximum happiness.

  327. The best way to utilize material wealth is to distribute it.

  328. Material gains should not be life’s driven purpose.

  329. Because we do not know what will happen next, we watch.

  330. Watching carefully helps minimize negative impact.

  331. The higher your responsibility, the higher your accountability.

  332. No one is better than others. We just happen to make better life decisions than others.

  333. Many will come to the knowledge and understanding of the Truth although the numbers may be incomparable to those who won’t.

  334. No one is guaranteed a place in God’s kingdom except those whose name has been written in the Book of Life.

  335. Everyone will hear the Gospel truth. They can then decide to follow it or not.

  336. If you have something to offer, people will give you attention.

  337. If you have something valuable to sell, people will be willing to pay for it.

  338. You always create time for the relationship you cherish. The one you do not cherish, you ignore or snub.

  339. Reality sets in when your vanity life ends.

  340. There is always joy when you find what you are looking for regardless of how much it costs to find it.

  341. Relate with people smartly so that in the end you will have one to fall into.

  342. A higher responsibility means higher accountability is required.

  343. Riches and wealth are temporary. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  344. Everyone knows the truth to be the truth. They simply chose to not believe the truth.

  345. It is possible that saying a prayer can avert a lot of problems if not all problems.

  346. Prayer is a weapon, therefore, use it!

  347. A forgiving heart is healing to the soul.

  348. A thankful person receives more blessings.

  349. Learn from other people’s mistakes. You do not have to make the same mistakes.

  350. Watch out! People gather wherever it is happening. It does not mean it is a good gathering.

  351. Watch out for signs. They are indicators of things to come.

  352. Promises are meant to be fulfilled. It may take a while but they will surely come to pass.

  353. If you humble yourself, you won’t be relegated.

  354. Do not let circumstances dictate your responses. Take charge of the moment.

  355. As you grow older, your priority changes and value systems are likely to change too.

  356. The enemy does not recognize bluffing or emotional surge. It recognizes power and actions.

  357. Most battles take place in the mind.

  358. The mind is the battleground.

  359. Most battles are won or lost in the mind.

  360. The hardest job is parenting. Even a child who will become a president still needs a parenting upbringing.

  361. Do not try to please everyone. Even if you try, still they will never be pleased. So, do not try!

  362. Most often, what some found useless, others find useful.

  363. Your best does not have to be a lot. Your best can be a little. Most times, it is not about quantity but about quality that matters.

  364. For hope, look up, don’t look down!

  365. An opening is what the enemy needs. The rest is a fun play for him.

  366. The ultimate goal of the enemy is to render you powerless and ineffective, ultimately defeating you.

  367. To not fall into temptation, pray!

  368. The antidote to temptation is prayer.

  369. For those who have made up their minds to not believe you, even if you impress them, they still would not believe you.

  370. It is better to be without a child than to have children and be unable to train them.

  371. Even a little prayer works!

  372. You need empowerment to perform your task.

  373. This world is a temporary place for all of us. The mystery is that we all don’t know what will take us out of this world. But the fact is that all of us will leave at some point, unfortunately.

  374. The Supreme Being is the only One that ever existed and never expires.

  375. Your life is the light to the world.

  376. Without the Supreme Being, nothing exists.

  377. The presence of light is the only antidote or answer to darkness.

  378. The True Light lights everywhere!

  379. The Supreme Being is, has always been, and will always be.

  380. When you see the truth or hear it, you will know by intuition.

  381. The spoken word is a confirmation of the manifestation.

  382. Pay less attention to those who do not believe in you or your vision.

  383. We know so much as our finite mind can take.

  384. We should know that whether we serve God or not, the body aches and will die as life winds down with time.

  385. Talk about your vision every time. It provides you the confidence and courage to carry it out.

  386. Few people will recognize your skills and abilities. They will likely be useful in fulfilling your goals.

  387. Not everyone will be relevant to your life. Learn to carve your inner circle.

  388. You cannot trust everyone. Trust the few who believe in you.

  389. Do not be disappointed when people turn you down. It might be the best experience for you.

  390. It is not a bad thing to accept a “no” for an answer.

  391. Do not trust more than you should. This way, you won’t be disappointed if they let you down.

  392. Those who think they know a lot usually don’t know a lot. Besides, no one knows everything.

  393. You will likely encounter a lot of obstacles on your way. In all, stay through to yourself. Do not fail yourself!

  394. Anyone can get tired. So, take some rest frequently.

  395. There will always be a replacement. So, don’t stress yourself out doing it all.

  396. Hatred and racism have always been in the heart of man. Will it change now? My resounding answer is a big No!

  397. Seek your happiness and do things that make you happy.

  398. Turn down and stay away from anything that does not align and help fulfill your goals and purpose in life no matter how enticing it is.

  399. In most cases, people look out for their interests first before they look out for you.

  400. Believing the truth is simple but people chose to embrace lies and falsehood.

  401. Anything committed to the Supreme Being cannot be lost.

  402. Follow the one who knows the road and you will not miss the way.

  403. Every time is not the right time.

  404. Some will say bad things about you even though you do good.

  405. Humility can define the intent of any man.

  406. One of the differences between the judgment of man and that of the Supreme Being is the ability to discern beyond physical appearance.

  407. There is always an appointed time. Time and chances just don’t happen due to fate by itself.

  408. It is a no-brainer to keep pursuing the same path when it is clear that there is no way forward.

  409. Refill, refuel, and recharge for the next retreat.

  410. You do not follow strangers. You follow the lead of those you already know

  411. The thieves and greedy care about the money and not about the usefulness of the money.

  412. The love of the Supreme Being is an everlasting love. He loves to the end.

  413. Humility is demonstrated by an example.

  414. Most times, it is not about what you say but about what you do that demonstrates who you are.

  415. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open unto you.

  416. The world cannot offer peace sufficient to counter the turbulence it gives.

  417. The sword can kill the body, not the soul.

  418. If need be, repair your identity so you don’t have to hide from it.

  419. The power of creation is in the hands of the creator.

  420. The Spirit of the Supreme Being brings life to all its creation.

  421. Knowing your weaknesses and talking to God about them will keep you safe from lots of troubles. Keeping quiet about it wreaks havoc on your destiny.

  422. Light has the luminous capacity to overcome darkness.

  423. The power of creation and destruction is in the tongue.

  424. One of the major purposes of life is to increase, multiply and replenish the earth. If these are missing, life extinction begins.

  425. The aim of the deceiver is to make you fall for its lies and deceits. Don’t give in!

  426. Every temptation looks enticing until it stings with its poisoning.

  427. The effects of the curse placed on man is still potent until the end of man’s life.

  428. Days of small beginnings are important too.

  429. People are generally shaped by their environment.

  430. If you don’t adapt to your environment, you will be disappointed by the changes that are taking place.

  431. You have to learn to see the changes in people’s behavior so that you are not disappointed by what they do.

  432. If you fail to see the changes in your environment, you will be disappointed by the effects of the changes.

  433. The grace of God in a man’s life always makes a difference.

  434. There is always a message for the messenger to deliver.

  435. If you follow instructions, you won’t need to make corrections or unnecessary adjustments.

  436. Most of us know what to do. We just need to take the action and simply do it.

  437. Waiting is really worth it if you have a calling in life.

  438. The waiting time is your preparation time.

  439. God will do anything to get a man with a contrite and broken spirit.

  440. The man that God is calling is constantly experiencing a burden that draws him to God because God needs his attention.

  441. God will not let go of any man who is still valuable to Him. Remember the prodigal son.

  442. If any man would truly seek God he will find Him.

  443. If you are burdened in your heart, it is likely a call to pray to God.

  444. There is a higher calling upon few people in this life. You know it when you see them because the spirit behind the calling is with them wherever they go.

  445. It is wise to listen and follow instructions.

  446. I believe that it is what you have that multiply to cause an increase. Increase or prosperity does not just happen by chance. There is a cause and effect.

  447. Ultimate safety and protection is with the ultimate Supreme Being.

  448. Every man is constantly craving for satisfaction.

  449. Remind yourself of your purpose, your dreams, your goals, or your aim in life. You won’t miss your path if you do.

  450. It is easy to forget one’s life’s purpose because there are too many side distractions on the way.

  451. Blessed is the man who God already blessed because he is blessed.

  452. Seasons are like purpose. They occur at the right time to fulfill their natural mandate.

  453. Agreement with another person solidifies unity.

  454. Death ultimately separates us from our loved ones.

  455. Death is the last enemy that must be conquered.

  456. If a purpose is not according to God’s design, He thwarts it.

  457. God sees and knows everything going on in this world.

  458. God is sovereign over all the affairs of life, but He is not in control of everything. Man has some controls, too.

  459. For divine accomplishment to happen, man’s purpose must align with God’s divine purpose.

  460. Success is guaranteed by following basic instructions.

  461. Obedience to God’s fundamental principles is an assurance of success in life.

  462. God’s promises are guaranteed to come to pass as is the day and night.

  463. The Supreme Being always fight on behalf of those who can’t fight for themselves.

  464. Plant your seed. Don’t eat it! What you planted will germinate and grow, but what you eat will be excreted.

  465. Remember, your today’s decisions are your tomorrow’s future.

  466. Find your calling and stick to your calling. Disregard all distractions and your life will be the most meaningful one.

  467. When you think you have arrived and you suddenly realized that you are not halfway through. It is called jumping ahead of time.

  468. Focus on the higher calling, not on the noises around you.

  469. Look up to God, not to men. Your ultimate blessing is from above not abroad.

  470. If you look up to men, you will likely be disappointed, but if you look up to God for everything, you will enjoy pleasant surprises.

  471. Those who become great in life are the ones who dare to take the steps that others are not willing to take.

  472. You need the auction/anointing to function in your position.

  473. Your source; your strength.

  474. When you are emotionally down, draw strength from how far you have come and what you have achieved.

  475. Though God’s plan and purpose might tarry, they always come to pass.

  476. When you are depressed, lift yourself up with good feelings of the past. Remind yourself of your great accomplishments. Listen to good music, and remember that tomorrow could be better.

  477. In this life, we might not be able to achieve everything we desire to achieve. Learn to celebrate your little successes.

  478. If you can do one thing very well, focus on that one thing you are good at. Don’t stress yourself to do everything.

  479. With the Supreme Being, there is no second fiddle. His choice is always the best choice.

  480. If there is a calling of God upon your life, you had better run with it.

  481. Defy all odds to fulfill the divine purpose of God in your life.

  482. There is a mandate in your life; champion it.

  483. Anyone who wasn’t there when you were nothing shouldn’t be entitled when you become something.

  484. When you finally hit your breakthroughs, watch out for parasites.

  485. Every single relationship cost you time, resources, and energy.

  486. For a good man, persecution and opposition are inevitable.

  487. Remember that God knows about everything including all the unfavorable events in the future.

  488. If you cannot finish it, whatever it is, your descendants (offspring) will.

  489. God’s promises are ever sure, regardless.

  490. There will always be opposition and obstacles to contest with.

  491. God’s ideas and wisdom supersede.

  492. The second choice is generally not the best choice. That is why it is the second choice.

  493. God’s promises are certain to come to pass.

  494. One of the major reasons people lie is because of fear of punishment.

  495. Secret things are revealed to the closest and most trusted people.

  496. Deep thoughts are revealed in deep relationships.

  497. The father must lead his home to live and work on the right path.

  498. Stand your ground until you see the desired results.

  499. Wait before the Lord!

  500. Those who wait patiently receive answers.

  501. Pray for others! They need it more than you can imagine.

  502. We set bars, and we raise bars!

  503. There is always a punishment for evil perpetrators.

  504. It is divine to punish evil.

  505. The Supreme Being cannot turn a blind eye to evil.

  506. Be discreet when dealing with evil and evil people.

  507. God can do anything to save or rescue His own, including forgoing their weaknesses and/or shortcomings.

  508. God is satisfied when he passed judgment. The integrity, divinity, and supremacy of God are evident in the judgment and punishment of sinners.

  509. The Creator respects His creation, too!

  510. Most times, all we need to do is to calm down to release stress.

  511. God’s purpose and work contain mysteries.

  512. God will provide!

  513. If the Lord is in it, He paves the way out of no way.

  514. If you cannot commit to a promise, don’t make one.

  515. Your weaknesses make you prone to attack.

  516. Weaknesses are evidence that we are not a perfect being.

  517. Weak spots are target for the enemy.

  518. It is humility to acknowledge your weakness and ask for help. It is also a smart thing to do.

  519. Acknowledging your weak areas is a sign of strength.

  520. Always ask for help in your weak/vulnerable areas.

  521. The Lord does not fail in His promises.

  522. Obedience is one major key to unlocking the heavenly blessings.

  523. The blessing of the Lord truly makes you rich with little or no stress.

  524. A man’s struggle reduces significantly with any external help or assistance.

  525. Do not align yourself with someone who has a different value systems or mindset. It messes up your rhythm.

  526. Trying to befriend a person who does not believe in what you believe is like trying to play cards with the devil. You get played!

  527. A strange relationship is one that does not align with your purpose and destiny. Run away from it!

  528. Playing scheme on other people usually ends up awry.

  529. The Great Plan usually supersedes other plan.

  530. God’s plan and purpose are usually the best even though it may not be palatable for us at the moment.

  531. Nothing can thwarts a divine purpose or plan.

  532. Smartness is not hard. It is behaving in a smart way that is hard.

  533. God is paying attention.

  534. Adversity is part of living.

  535. Adversity could be a sign that you are growing.

  536. Adversity could be a sign that you are bound for success, or you are an achiever.

  537. Do not tell everyone your dream!

  538. Not everyone deserves your inner circle.

  539. Think (ponder, meditate) more; talk less.

  540. The reason behind an action is more important than the action.

  541. Behind every action, there is a causal effect.

  542. The causal effect of any action will continue to create additional same action until there is a change in action.

  543. If the Lord delights in you, no matter the condition and situation, He will still be with you because He will never leave you.

  544. Truly, what goes round comes around!

  545. When you are determined to a course, success rate increases.

  546. The Holy Spirit is the power of God. The power of God is the Holy Spirit.

  547. There is an assignment that is only for you, and you only.

  548. The strongest bond is love!

  549. The preaching of the gospel is the means by which people can know and receive God’s salvation.

  550. Without the preaching of the gospel, people will be ignorant of God’s provision of salvation.

  551. The faith of the believer is his life.

  552. The believer’s life is in his faith.

  553. Evildoers know, in their hearts, that they are evil.

  554. Judgment on the wicked is inevitable.

  555. Faith in God does not doubt.

  556. Faith in God brings peace.

  557. All of us carry the same burden from birth. It is the burden of sin. It is the natural propensity to do evil, and it resides in the nature of all of us.

  558. What the law could not do, Grace accomplished!

  559. The Spirit of Christ is constantly at work in the life of the believer.

  560. The indication that you are a child of God is the leading of the Spirit of God in your life.

  561. One of the biggest assets, if not the biggest asset, of any Christian is Hope.

  562. The Spirit of God’s work in the life of the believer is its stability. The believer is protected and fortified by the works of the Spirit of God.

  563. The work of the Spirit in the life of the believer is to ensure and fulfill God’s purpose.

  564. Nothing caught God by a surprise.

  565. The believers are justified through the works of Jesus.

  566. Looking at it from God’s point of view, nothing can separate a believer (any saved person) from Him. This is like saying that God cannot lose.

  567. If God does not show mercy, then we are doomed!

  568. A zeal that is not in line with the truth leads to hypocrisy.

  569. We all need a Savior because we are sinners.

  570. In this life, other people’s problems could have an impact in your life when you have a direct or an indirect relationship with them.

  571. Any association with an evildoer could make you an accomplice.

  572. The desires of this life contend with the will and purpose of God.

  573. Love exposes hate.

  574. Good nullifies evil.

  575. It is for your good to obey authority.

  576. The only time you do not need to obey authority is when it violate God’s authority.

  577. The voice of man is the voice of God.

  578. Stop the pretext to quickly judge others. First, look into yourself.

  579. Only the sick people need a doctor. You don’t administer a medication to a healthy person.

  580. Prayers are constantly needed to counter and render the works of darkness less effective.

  581. If you do not eliminate the enemy completely, they will come back to fight you and you may get caught unaware.

  582. Do not make a rash vow.

  583. You do not need to make a compelling vow in any circumstances, especially if it is a challenging task.

  584. God still relate with people today. It is completely different from how He dealt with people in the past. We can safely say that God has evolved in His dealings with people.

  585. The Supreme Being can enable you to do the extraordinary things.

  586. If you give yourself as servant to another, they will rule over you as Master.

  587. Talk less! Learn to talk a little less.

  588. Talking in a rash manner leads you to leaking your secrets that could lead to your defeat.

  589. Truly, and bewilderedly, we do not know tomorrow. No one has a clue of the next minute of their life.

  590. God’s providential care and unwavering love are unparalleled.

  591. Cling tightly to your destiny! Do not let it go.

  592. Imparting is the resource for making an impact, which results in relevancy.

  593. God’s favor includes grace and peace.

  594. The Christian enjoys abundant of God’s grace.

  595. The most important reward of any Christian on earth is Hope.

  596. The most important reward of any Christian in eternity is eternal life and the joy of eternal life.

  597. Gifts remain faithful when we are unfaithful or incapable of being faithful.

  598. One of the most foundational problems of Christian churches is divisions.

  599. Divisions and quarrel are the killer of unity and peace.

  600. If you care so much about titles, entitlement and positions, it hinders the Spirit of God from using you or operating through you due to absence of submission to His authority.

  601. Emphasis on positions and titles breed pride cynically.

  602. Focus on high calling, regardless.

  603. The things (ideal, mind, word, teachings, wisdom) of God are difficult to understand to the human mind because they often sounds illogical or foolish to an ordinary man.

  604. The ordinary man cannot understand the things of God.

  605. Those who think they are wise in this world and yet reject God are actually foolish.

  606. The main message of God or of Christianity is Jesus.

  607. Without God we are nothing!

  608. It is those who know the least that brag the most.

  609. Demonstrations of healing and working miracle are part of the signs and significance of a true Man of God.

  610. Demonstrations of signs and wonders are to aid the unbelievers in believing the gospel.

  611. Jesus is the wisdom of God.

  612. The things of God are unimaginable by the ordinary mind.

  613. God communicates directly to our spirit man who in turn disseminate the message to our mind to process.

  614. If your mind is receptive to God’s word, it is easy to process messages from God.

  615. The word of God always align with His actions.

  616. God cannot contradict His word.

  617. Spirit “communicates with spirit, but the spirit of man relates the things of the spirit to the mind of man for his consumption.

  618. The mind of man can only understand the things of the spirit if his mind is receptive.

  619. Immaturity in any believer is a drawback to Christian growth.

  620. Immaturity causes delay in Christian growth.

  621. An immature Christian is often myopic, and is unable to see beyond the little acquired knowledge.

  622. An immature Christian is largely motivated by flesh and material instinct.

  623. An immature Christian display attitude at every instance without caution or refrain.

  624. Self-deception is a killer of God’s purpose and destroyer of destiny of Christians.

  625. Faithfulness is one high-end of Christian maturity.

  626. The gentle nature of Christ in a believer makes him looks stupid but by no mean is he.

  627. Ultimately, the Christian who didn’t renounce Christ is saved eternally.

  628. A compromised Christian might be saved only by a lot of scar (fire of sin consequences).

  629. No Christian should be lost if God is able to save to the end, and He is able to.

  630. A lost (compromised or detached) Christian could be subjected to the enemy’s onslaught even though he may escaped eternal wrath.

  631. The concept of eternally saved only occurs because of God’s ability to save to the end, and He can!

  632. If the spirit of the believer is preserved by God, then he goes to heaven even though he is physically emotionally destroyed.

  633. Misinterpreting the Word of God weakens its efficacy.

  634. All spirits will return to where they came from accompanied by a conscious soul, and the bodies to where they came from, too.

  635. The Spirit/spirit lives in a body to operate through it.

  636. If you can stay clean, stay clean. We will be perfectly clean when we get to heaven.

  637. No man can save any man. Only God can!

  638. Knowledge is useless if it does not impact others with vital information.

  639. Maturity is understanding from the weaker person’s point of view.

  640. Not everyone can attain the full level of maturity because there will always be some people with a frail and gullible mind.

  641. With responsibility comes accountability.

  642. Understanding your calling stirs up ideas to gain traction in fulfilling your calling.

  643. Understanding your calling helps you not to lose focus.

  644. Manage your calling strategically so that you can win the prize.

  645. Disobedient and rebellion turn the back of God against you.

  646. No one is infallible except by God’s grace and mercy.

  647. God is able to make all grace abound in all circumstances.

  648. If you know where you are going, you can lead others also in the same path.

  649. You can be a road map for others.

  650. Sometimes, traditions practices help to preserve the sanctity from blemish.

  651. First hand evidence is more authentic and reliable.

  652. Information increases knowledge acquisition.

  653. Separation from God means damnation.

  654. One of the best things in life is love. One of the best things that can happen to anyone is to experience love.

  655. A man of wisdom and understanding will navigate life better than a fool who thinks he knows everything.

  656. Another sign God is not there is the presence of chaos or absence of peace.

  657. The presence of peace is the most important sign that God is with you.

  658. One of the most important blessings a believer enjoys is God’s grace.

  659. The training of a child is mostly the parents’ responsibility.

  660. A trained and disciplined child will not cause pain for the parents.

  661. God has never lacked human resources.

  662. There will always be losses (casualties) in the battle field.

  663. The creature reflects the creator.

  664. No one can stand against the Supreme Being.

  665. Truly, the Lord will fight for you as He promised.

  666. This is the confidence that the Supreme Being is capable of defending Himself. He needs no help.

  667. Your place of work is different from your home. Your home is your resting place.

  668. Man’s first responsibility is his home, his family.

  669. When the Spirit of God is with you, all your actions are according to God’s purpose.

  670. It is possible that the Spirit of God can make you do anything, and whatever you do would be considered just and right.

  671. Your actions should be limited to your responsibility.

  672. When stressed, abandoned and feeling lonely or helpless, I believe the right attitude is to keep holding on even when it makes no sense. Any irrational decisions at those low moments always end up in a bad way.

  673. Confidence in God could boost your victory chance.

  674. If the Lord be with you, nothing can be against you.

  675. If the Lord be with you, then the enemy’s plan will fail.

  676. There is always an instruction. The question is do you follow it?

  677. When you leave a place or leave a people, say goodbye and don’t return to the place, or return to the people again.

  678. If the people you left behind haven’t moved on or remain stagnant, they can drag you down to their despicable state, status or position, but you cannot drag or bring them up to your new status.

  679. To find your new status and position in life, you need to leave certain place and never return to the place you left anymore.

  680. If you have left a place, then just move on. Don’t look back!

  681. People can inadvertently bring you down to a lowly position, but it is difficult for you to bring them up to your elevated position.

  682. It is good to ask questions even of it makes no sense.

  683. It is good to ask God question, when confused.

  684. The Lord can fight for us, or on our behalf in diverse ways.

  685. A good leader is known for their character and good spirit.

  686. Good company of few people is better than multitude of betrayals.

  687. The maximum security of any man is God’s presence.

  688. Your enemies are God’s enemies. So. He is against them.

  689. Sometimes, what God wants us to do does not makes sense to the ordinary mind.

  690. Do not help God! He does not need your help or any other help.

  691. It does not take God a long time to bless if He want to, but He has to work according to man’s season and time, too.

  692. Never be in a relationship with someone who does not respect your beliefs.

  693. No matter what people say, good or bad, God is still God!

  694. No one should despise the Supreme Being because He is Supreme indeed.

  695. Salvation brings eternal life; cleansing gives us access into God’s eternal kingdom.

  696. A problem you didn’t deal with and remove completely will become a torn in your flesh (forever).

  697. The enemy tales advantage of idle hands.

  698. The enemy usually creep in in the cool of the evening, in the dead of the night.

  699. Your capacity to increase depends on your ability for additional intake that will facilitate the increase.

  700. Pray about what you fear the most.

  701. Lack of parenting has led to chaos and breakdown of law and order in society.

  702. Wars have always and will always lead to deaths.

  703. There could still be repercussions even if you have repented.

  704. God often add to your blessings when you obey Him and follow His instructions.

  705. Wisdom is the principal for all decision making.

  706. Do your best, your very best to be the best.

  707. Wisdom will speak for you. Wisdom will speak on your behalf.

  708. If you heard God clearly, you only need to confirm it from the Word of God, and not from any man.