Happy Father’s Day

Happy father’s day

From Adelive, we wish all men A happy father’s day.

Thank you for being not just a man but a worthy man.


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A strong Bargain

A Stronger Bargain

Prayer is a bargainpresenting a strong reason why your request has to be honored.

Prayers avert every evil plans and intentions of the enemies.

Every time you prayed, you bargain for your life using the name of Jesus. You bargain for souls using the name of Jesus.

The evil ones will not hesitate to do any harm but the moment you pray, even if the harm is about to happen, your bargain in prayer, using the name of Jesus, gives you victory.

There must be a strong reason why a thing happened at all. When you pray, you present a stronger reason why it must happen or not happen.

Actually, you can refuse the wicked ones’ bargain if you have a stronger reason or case to present. You can do so when you pray in the name of Jesus!



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The Lover

Loved By God

The righteous is loved forever. ‘The Righteous’ means someone who has been favorably loved by God–someone who is infinitely loved. This is really awesome.

You do not need to do any good thing before God loves you. He loves you regardless of anything and everything you do–good or bad. This is what is called real and true Love.

This is how you know–when you do something irritating or evil, you always have the opportunity to turn to Him for help and mercy. And when you do something good, He does not love you anymore than He already did. He has loved you from the beginning even before you do anything. This is so revealing and mind-blowing.

Eternal Values

Jesus says, “Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”

This does not mean hating your own life. It means valuing things that last forever more than things that are temporary. It means the seed you hold unto does not last forever but the seed you release to the ground last long.

It means loving material things less. It means loving God and valuing other people than yourself.

It means this life is temporary and that everything will disappear no matter how we try to keep it.

It means understanding your life and placing values properly.

It means re-evaluating your life’s purpose and prioritizing appropriately.

It means you cannot eat your cake and still have it. It means be wise and make good decisions today while you can.

If we have limited time here on earth, then we should engage in the things that, after we have long gone, we would be remembered for. This is keeping your life for eternity.

Wait! Don’t Be In A Hurry–Part 2

Never in a hurry; always on time

Don’t be in a hurry for everything. When you need to move fast, do so. When you need to slow down, allow process to take its course. A baby conceived today is not deliver the next day. It takes nine month for the fetus to mature fully. Apart from noodles and all fast foods, every other foods need time to cook.

God needs time to work on you so that you come out the best. This is not because God is constrained but because we are limited and are not in control of everything.

Samuel waited under Eli before becoming a priest. Joseph waited for about thirteen years (13-year) before his dream came true. Moses waited for forty years (40-year) in the wilderness, and Jesus waited for thirty-three and a half years before he achieved His purpose–to save mankind. Therefore, I say to you, do not be in a hurry with your life. Quick things usually fade away quickly.

Wait, and again I say, wait!

Wait! Don’t Be In A Hurry–Part 1

Never in a hurry; always on time

In the world we live in, everything is at a fast pace. We are often encouraged to be fast and smart. This becomes a competitive advantage. We try to outdo others as much as possible.

God, however, is not like this. God is very patient and long-suffering. He takes His time. In fact, if not for His patience, man will not be in existence. He was not in a rush during creation. Each day had a new task, and the work of creation was carefully completed.

We are encouraged to wait on God. The psalmist says, ” wait, and again I say wait.” His time is usually different from our time. And unlike us, He is never in a hurry. So, we might as well wait if we want a good result from Him.

Let’s put it this way–if God is not done working, then we should not be tired of waiting. The work done hurriedly is often not done properly but the work crafted carefully last long.


Season Reminder

Season Reminder

A current season only reminds us that another season will come. Snow time only reminds us that the Spring will come and when the Springs finally arrives, we know that the summer is in the corner.

Rain only reminds us that the flowers will soon sprout. And the hard soil reminds us that we should wait a little more and the rain will soften the hard soil

Definitely, the present problems and challenges of life are just a reminder that the glorious season will come and we will smile again.

Challenges are just a reminder that we can patiently find solution that makes for a better living.

Understanding the Season; understanding the time.

Understanding the Season

The most important virtue needed in preparation for the right time is Waiting.

Sowing comes before harvesting. Winter always comes before Spring and a child must be born to live as a king.

It took Jesus years to fulfill His mission on earth. God, I have observed, is a God of process.

Patience is needed to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, we are always in a hurry. God is never in a hurry.

If God is not done working, then we should patiently wait on Him to finish His work.
The season requires time to manifest. And time is a concept we cannot change.

Promises are seeds

Promises are Seeds

Promises are like seeds. They take time to manifest. Promises are for an appointed time. When the time comes, they materialized and everybody can see results in form of fruits.

So, hold onto the promises and work on them by meditating, thinking of these promises until you can see with your inner eyes as they come alive.



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Your Season Will Come

Your Season will come

Your season will come, it’s just a matter of time. Whatever your time is, start and continue planting your seeds (working, planning, praying, studying,thinking…) because God is the God of all seasons.

Yes, He will bring it to pass. He is working even though you may not see all that God is doing.

When your season finally comes, the seeds become fruits and you can reap your harvest. Don’t cry anymore. God will bring it to pass. Trust Him a little more.



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