This Is God

What we cannot do God did. Where we cannot go God went. And when we cannot act God performed.

Our actions cannot earn us the goodness of God. No matter what we do and how we try, it does not make God likes us more or less.

So, we do not need to do anything at all to impress God. This is the reason He is God–to do things only God can do.

He is God regardless of our feelings and opinions. He does not become God by our actions or dispositions.

He is God because He is God.

When God is Not God

First of all, God cannot choose to not be God. This concept only exist on our mind when we feel disappointed that God did not do what we trusted Him to do.

This happens when we hold onto His promise(s) and did not see it happen.
Does this make Him incapable or limited or a liar? the answer is definitely “No”

So, what happens when we expect Him to do a promise and it does not happen? We surrender to His will. This is because He knows all things and He knows the best.

Learn to accept God both in the good time and also in the bad time. Learn from men of old and those who has gone through and going through a hard time right now and you will see that God has done and He is doing so much good for you than you can ever imagine.

Accept His purpose and His will even when it does not makes sense.
God is still God regardless of our condition–good or bad.

You are always Welcome

One of the most difficult places to gain access to is the king’s palace. The White House (USA) is one of the most guarded building on planet earth. Don’t even dream of coming close to its fence.

Yet, we have a good, good Father who welcomes us and indulges us every time, and you can come to His palace.

He says, you can come to talk about anything you want to talk about. The angels will not hinder or stop you. Talk about your concerns and God is willing and ready to help.

Why not take full advantage that God’s presence is not heavily guarded and that we can come in for mercy and grace to help us through everyday living.

You are always welcome.

Healing Through Forgiveness

A paralyzed man was brought to Jesus and He healed the man by saying, “your sins are forgiven.”

Sometimes, the prayer we need to pray to get healed is for God to forgive us. Our miracles come when we acknowledge God as a holy God, and that we are most evil (unclean) of all.

Confess your known and unknown sins to God (so He can forgive you) and ask Him for healing to take place. Your confession (of sins) may unlock the healing and miracle you have been waiting for.

Be well in Jesus name.

Path to Greatness Differs

Path to greatness differs for each of us. The distance you cover in life is different from other people. Some can run 100 meters dash. Some even run shorter distance. And some run long distance like 5,000 meters, and some run even longer like 10,000 meters and marathon. All reaches their destiny.

So, how wrong it is to be looking at your neighbor’s successes comparing it to your own. Though we know this, yet we do the same thing over and again.

The bible says to compare yourself with others and among peers is foolishness. Do not be a fool.

Stop comparing your neighbor`s success to yours, especially if it causes you to worry about your present position in life.

You can achieve success if you run carefully and diligently and stay focus on your path to success.

Run this Race

Run this race. Do not look back. By faith you will win. Through grace, you will be victorious.

The past is gone. The new is here. 2017 is gone. here comes 2018.

Opportunities to live anew are here.

Start the new year well and run this race to the finish line. Finish well.

Happy new year 2018!

From above; not abroad

Again and again, we tend to think help can come from abroad. The source from abroad equally hopes for help to come from somewhere. So, everyone is in the same cycle. This often leads to disappointment.

The source of help has never been from abroad but from above.

God lives above and sees everything below. He knows where your blessings are located.

Seek Him who lives above to supply your need and not someone who lives abroad to send your blessings.

Remember, Jesus came from above as God’s gift to mankind. Your Blessing is from God; not from any man.

Your Hands; His Blessings

Blessings do not go into vacuum. It occupies a place to display the beauty of the blessing. When there is a need, God sends His blessing to the need. He does not bless emptiness.

The blessings of God need contact to manifest. Your hands must be occupied with a work for Him to bless. No work; no blessing. He sends His blessings to what your hands are busy doing–the work.

So, fill your hands with at least one work/job or any action (at all), He sends His blessings there–on your handiwork.

Your hands; His blessings.

Grace Beyond Measure

Forgiveness when we deserve none. Love when we do not merit it. Endless Help on daily basis. Yet, this God lavishes us continuously with benefits unmerited. Yes, this is called grace. We all misbehaved, and God has generals who do His works and He also has kids who not just constantly messed up but do it annoyingly. Yet, He is not mad at them. Love that is better than that of a parental love is God’s love.
What a sweet God and what a loving Father we have. What a God! This is truly God; this is Grace. Grace is love unending.