Rhema Bank

God does not force His will upon anyone. He allows us to make our choices so that we do not have to blame Him for our mishap. God cannot and will not violate the free-will of man. The ability to make choices and decisions is at man’s disposal.

God often encourage people to do the right thing. It’s hard to know and interpret the exact thought that is in the mind of God. That’s why we need revelation.  God reveals His thought to His people. Revelation usually takes time to come to pass.

Generally, people seek God in times of trouble but people do not have to wait that long before they build a relationship with God. It is wise to seek God.

It’s impossible for God to fail.

Breaking up your dry land means working on your heart.

God qualifies people to do His will. God communicated to people with respect to the peculiarity of the time and season. So, what was not relevant 2000 years ago will be concealed. The same information will be communicated today because it is relevant for our time. This also applies to culture and values.

God has many messengers. No one messenger can deliver all of God’s counsel.

If you get to a place and don’t feel welcome or belong, it is probably an indication that you should move on.

–There is a reason for everything that happens. Nothing happens in the abstract.
–Serving others is fundamental to life. We are created to serve others in at least one way. there must be something to serve.
–God served us before we could serve Him. He gave us Himself; He gave us love and life.
–We call Him God because He did what only a God could do.
–You can talk to God anytime, anywhere in any place about anything absolutely.
–God is not limited by distance, space, and time.
–You have a sense of fulfilment when you do things you will be forever remembered for.
–Great men are remembered for the great things that they did.
–Ambition to do good is better than ambition to amass wealth.
–Find and do anything (good) you can be remembered for long after you are gone.
–Do things that bring smiles to other faces. This is fulfilment; this is life.
–You don’t need to affect or touch a lot of people in life. Your immediate people in your environment are your people. They are your ministry. Touch and affect them positively and you are forever blessed for doing what God wants you to do in life. And if God gives you the grace to reach a large number of people, make good use of it.

God is man and man is god. The difference is God is superior but man is inferior. God is limitless but man is limited.

If the odds are stacked against you, look out for where at least one opportunity exist and make maximum use of it.

For God’s children, everything works for their good. The end is usually the best that could have happened given any circumstances.

The chain of God’s love is stronger than the chain of any habit

The proud person usually ends up disgrace because they often brag about what their capacity cannot handle.

Yesterday is gone. Today is brand new and tomorrow is in the incubator.

Fulfilment does not come by having lots of money. Fulfilment comes by fulfilment of purpose and life.

Seek the Lord while it’s the day, the night comes and it may be too dark to see and seek the Lord.

Good has the overwhelming capacity to overcome evil to the extent that we allow or enable it.

The effective prayers of a righteous man can defeat the power of evil.

Your Heart can produce unimaginable results if you work on it. It depends, however, on what type of result you want it to produce.

The more compelling thought is that the heart can hold any thought within a second and can keep such thought (plan) for a very long time—becoming a purpose–with a desire to achieve this purpose. Therefore, if your heart is evil, you are a potential danger to anyone.

Therefore, we can give thanks not just when it is convenient but when it does not make any sense to do so. You do not follow your instinct to obey God or do the right thing; just do it.

Your instinct does not know how to love God and does not want to do the things of God. So, waiting for the most favorable time to say “thank you” is the devil’s deception of saying – there isn’t anything to be thankful for.

Your knowledge of God guarantees you victory. It is the truth you know that can set you free. You cannot do what you have no idea or knowledge of doing. And you cannot wait until the moment of trouble before you seek God.