Lost priority in a lost world

The devil is the prince of this world (John 14:30). So, to try  out shining (become famous, popular, excessively materialistic) in his (devil) world is a lost priority and evidence of a punctured destiny.

This world is not our own, and it’s passing away with all that is in it.

The understanding of this should help us set our priorities right and stay focus amidst noises and turmoil that rages around us on daily basis.

Any reason to be thankful

A lot of things is challenging in life, but as long as we trust and hope, then there’s a chance of a bright future.

Don’t give up yet, but reflect on the positive things and build on it as you grow.

So, hopefully, you wake up this morning and thank God for everything.

If you focus on the negative sides of life, you will be depressed, but if you think about the positive things, you will be happy.

Righteous life over moral life

We owe it to ourselves and to the public to live a moral life, but we must trust God to live a righteous life.

Moral life does not endear God. Righteous life does!

It is good to live a moral life, but this is necessary for making good impact in our world.

The life that makes everlasting impact and guarantees our access to God is a righteous life which is only possible through Jesus.

Lack of love

Jesus repeatedly emphasized how important it is to love the brethren and to love one another.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”Great damage is possible when there is a lack of love. John 13:35

People will only seek their interest, and the Bible says in humility, consider others better than yourself.

We are told to condescend to the interest of others. 

A selfish life thinks only about self and personal satisfaction, but a love life thinks about others and their well-being. 

War and Crisis

This month of October, 2023 saw an unprecedented but not surprising attack by Hamas of the Palestine on Israel.

I am of the opinion that wars and calamities will not stop soon.

According to Biblical prophecy, Israel will continue to face challenges from her surrounding nations.

Also, Jesus said that there will be wars and rumors of wars, it doesn’t mean the end of the world has come.

Don’t be confused, wars and natural disasters are signs that the end time is near, and not the end time.

The world in war crisis?

These times are dicey. Is it safe to say that the world is in a war crisis or on the edge of global war?

What does the prophecy say concerning Israel’s conflicts with neighboring nations?

I have been trying hard to search for any meaningful prophecy (if any) concerning Israel’s conflict with the Palestinian Hamas, simultaneously and dangerously involving the Middle Eastern nations.

Things look ugly, and one can only hope it could get better, but I think it might get worse before we realize what is happening before us.

We should be on guard and pray, too. 

The prayer: lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the enemy. We will not be subject to the evil that will befall the world,  Amen!

The gut feeling

It will take a lot of gut for true Christians to walk this life successfully because there is too much evil everywhere.

Believers should dare to extend their prayer lives. Dare to pray is dare to conquer more grounds. 

The dare to know God’s will is the dare to know Him. Let’s go to God’s presence to obtain His mercy and grace to help us when needed.

There is no shame in displaying our passion for someone we love. So, no shame in showing how much we love God.

We can go the extra mile to please or satisfy our lovers. So, we can love Jesus, too!

He dared die for me in public. So, I will dare show my unwavering love for Him anywhere and everywhere. 

Wisdom nuggets

Do not trust more than you should. This way, you won’t be disappointed if they let you down.

Those who think they know a lot usually don’t know a lot. Besides, no one knows everything.

You will likely encounter a lot of obstacles on your way. In all, stay through to yourself. Do not fail yourself!

Anyone can get tired. So, take some rest frequently.

There will always be a replacement. So, don’t stress yourself out doing it all.

Hatred and racism have always been in the heart of man. Will it change now? My resounding answer is a big No!

Seek your happiness and do things that make you happy.

Turn down and stay away from anything that does not align and help fulfill your goals and purpose in life no matter how enticing it is.

In most cases, people look out for their interests first before they look out for you.

Believing the truth is simple but people chose to embrace lies and falsehood.

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