Wisdom has spoken; Rescue Yourself!

You made a mistake; you erred by your own words,

You dragged yourself to the mud,

you slipped by things you said.


Regret and shame cover you like a canopy;

There is no escape to this blunder of yours.

Floods of thoughts rush through your minds;

Confusion blurred your mind.


What should I do? You thought for a moment.

Wisdom has spoken! Go, humble yourself!

Say the three simple words,

So simple to say I am sorry


Strive until there is peace;

pursue until your mind is at rest.

Plead your case with your creditor; make a bargain.

Request a waiver; ask for a discount.


Ask for more time; no procrastination this time.

Deliver yourself from the snare;

give no sleep to your eyes,

Rest not until your soul is truly at rest


Pursue until you find your peace;

until there is a smile of relief

Your deliverance lies in your hands.

Your victory is in your positive attitude.

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Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.”

Ecclesiastes 12:1


As a young person, I learned an important lesson about time. Time wait for no one and what you must do, do it right away. The same goes for our relationship with God.

Apostle Paul said, “now is the appointed time; now is the day of salvation. While you have the opportunity now, embrace your creator before it is too late.

While young, serve Him, and do not let the excitement of youth makes you forget that they are all temporary.

You may want to wait another day, but no one knows tomorrow, not even the next minutes. That is why it is too dangerous to procrastinate.

Tomorrow has no guarantee, but today we have as a security, and you can pledge your life on it. Today is sure, but tomorrow is full of uncertainties.

Solomon understood this because he had all the riches of this life, but near death, he realized that all is useless without God.

What are you going to do when the owner of life comes knocking at your door? Remember, you cannot give anything else in the replacement of your soul. All of us must account for this life.

Therefore, run to Him while there its time, and you can say confidently, “it is well with my soul.”

written for Proverbites @