The Grave

Jesus successfully defeated sin at the cross. From there, Jesus descended to the grave to accomplish another task. One major man’s tormentor: Death, has to be fought and conquered.

The Cross; my freedom

Jesus went into the grave and dealt a final blow on death. Whenever a man dies, he is buried in the grave and potentially, this is the final blow for man. Jesus had to fight death and conquered it so that man can be free not just from sin but also from death’s power.

So, if any man dies even though he goes into the grave, the grave can no longer hold him forever because if he believes, he goes to God’s paradise.

More importantly, spiritual death means separation from God forever and this is ultimately why death has to be conquered so that when man who believe in God dies, he does not really die. Yes, he is only transformed and changed to a new “person”. Bible says, “Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die, this Scripture will be fulfilled: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” This is everlasting freedom.

So, this is why no Christian should be afraid of death by any means. Jesus successfully conquered death. He has the power to save us ultimately from both physical and spiritual death.

This is mind-blowing. His love is relentless and endless and just too much. Sometimes, when I think of how much love He has for us, tears roll down my cheeks. I cannot thank Him enough.

Jesus conquered sin and also conquered death. We are infinitely free, and free forevermore.


The Cross

The Bible says that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. Jesus died on the cross to bring man salvation; to bring us closer to God and to redeem us from the curse of sin.

He has to die to ransom us. He has to replace us at the judgement thereby freeing us while He is being punished for our sin.

The main thing here is that the cross was the place of punishment and also the place where the victory over sin was declared. Without Jesus shedding His blood at Calvary, it would have been difficult for us securing salvation.

Someone has to be punished for a sin or an offense. Look at it this way: in the court room, the accuser successfully made a case against the “offender”, the judge passed a judgement and declaring that according to the law, you must die for your offense.

All of a sudden, someone just showed up and tells the judge that he will serve your punishment and that you are free to go. The judge then agrees. And you leave the court room as a free person. Yes! that’s exactly what happen when God passed a judgment on us for our sin but Jesus stood in our place so we do not have to suffer.
He suffered on the cross the punishment for our sin. How grateful we ought to be. The cross was the deal and will remain relevant while the earth last.

A Change No One Expect

This is a change. This is a transformation no one expected. Everyone wakes up only to realize that your life has changed; your life took a new turn. Some are surprised. Some are happy while some may not. Yes, because they do not expect the change.

Be Free!

The change is a transformation of life which start from within. How can this be? It’s only a supernatural manifestation that can alter a natural occurrence.

A changed life means a complete turn-around from an old life to a new life. Sometimes, a man can decide to quit smoking or drugs and alcohol. It may even be a dangerous way of life that you are giving up. This type of efforts and decisions do not often last because it is not accompanied by a supernatural force that brings about the needed change. Some do last with help from other people.

My point is this, no matter how we try to live differently, we still need a supernatural God to bring about the ultimate change. What we cannot or accomplish all by our-self, He can and He will if we let Him in.

The transformation God brings create a new You. He takes away the “old” and gives the “new” in while still maintaining the container. He does not alter the human personality, yet He makes a brand new person. After such a change, you always know you are different.

This change is what brings the new, sweet aura into your life. Let your changed life glows and glows again and again. This is your life; your destiny. You have been waiting this long for a new beginning. Now you have it. Let it glows.

Let your life shines the new light that glows around you. Live anew.

God of Imperfection

My last post was “God of Perfection“. After delving into my current study of Exodus, I came to realize that God specializes in using imperfect people, materials or things and turning them into the best mold.

The Bible says that “we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” The “jars of clay” is our mere, frail and breakable human self which God has committed, chose to place his trust in. God deposited great amount of Grace in an undeserved container. The “container” is us. This is an awesome privilege.

Imperfect being serving a perfect God

Let’s look at some examples. We often hear–no one is perfect–and this is true.

Father Abraham tried to help fulfil The Promise when he went in to Hagar.

Moses, for instance, who led the Israelites out of the slavery land was not near perfect. He had many flaws.

 David is forever noted for his famous sin with Bathsheba, yet, he is the man after God’s own heart.

Saul who later turned Paul was a killer of God’s people. He went on to write most books in the New Testament.

So, from perception, God has never relied on man’s ability to do but on man’s willingness to trust and obey Him.

Therefore, God is willing and able to turn your imperfect state to the best if you can yield and obey.

God of Perfection

Currently, I’m studying the book of Exodus–the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the promise land. One of the fascinating things that I have observed is how God carefully crafted the laws both in words and in actions, and also writing them for the people through Moses.

Imperfect being serving a perfect God

God literally outlined every specification for every item that at one point, you may find it boring if you are not a lover of reading the bible. The requirement was elaborated and tasking. At one point, God told Moses “to be sure to make them according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain.” This means, no variations in any form. I feel right now that God is a perfectionist.

But beyond that is then fact God is also a God of order and like things done properly.

Today, we enjoy an ample benefits of Grace. This means that we do not have to be perfect for God to accept us or accept our worship. The bible says that we can come boldly to God’s presence to obtain mercy and finds Grace to help in time of need.

We are imperfect beings serving a perfect God and yet He takes us just as we are. Here, no variations in the sense that if we stink, He cleanses and wash us and makes us pure again.

And the joy of this is that, no matter how you are, all He says is—Come and I will make you clean. This is really consoling and comforting because we live a daily life of inadequacies and if God isn’t nice, we all will be out favor and miserable.

Thank God that although He is perfect, He still choses to embrace imperfect beings.


Time 1.0

Time is relevant if we want to do anything. Timing is the most appropriate when targeting a goal or plan or deadlines.

We all give regards to time but not all of us respect time. And that is why some waste a bunch of their time.

Time is Priceless

A quick one, this year is already a quarter and before you know it, it will be dawn. Many will wonder what have they achieved.

I remember what I learnt when I was a young boy: “tick’, ‘tick’, says the clock, ‘tick’, ‘tick’, what you have to do, do quick.
Yes, if there is anything you need to do now, do it now. Tomorrow may be too late or may not even happen.

Once enemy but now Friend Forever

God’s plan of salvation was designed to make us all have equal opportunity for redemption. We were once God’s enemy–people who do not appreciate God.

Yet, the moment we accept Him, we become part of Him; part of His family.
We have established that God loves us regardless of our actions. Most interesting is that even when we are His enemy and we do not think of Him at all, He is constantly reaching out to us in one way or the other. He is hoping that we will find the truth and be free.

God’s basis for accepting us at anytime as little to do with us being good or bad, or being a former hater of Him or lover of Him.

The moment we commit to God,  we become His. We become his friend forever.

So, if you are A Lover of God, you are His Friend forever. You are His forever.

God Is Able

God is able to do greater than you can do; bigger than you can do. God is able to do better than you can do. He is able to go beyond and above what you can imagine or conceive on your mind. God is good; very good.

God is Able

Sometimes, it does not make sense to trust or believe God. The world we live in and the environment does not encourage trust in God but you have to stand for something or you will stand for everything and be miserable or stand for nothing and achieve nothing.

Wherever you stops is His starting point. Do your best, He will pick up from where you stop. Trust Him, He will finish the rest of the job.

God is able therefore, trust Him.