Reflective Words

Keep on Praying

These are extraordinary times and call for us to seek God more than ever before.
We have a promise that God will hear us if only we pray. We cannot be complacent and indifferent rather we should be concerned that the world around us seems to be crumbling.

This is the time to arise, pray to God.

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

Let us call on God and pray so He may heal and deliver our land.

Don’t stop praying; keep on praying until there is a change and our land is healed and restored.

Let us arise and pray to God who can save us from all our troubles.

Reflective Words

Prayers can Defeat the Power of Evil

The Bible says that “when the righteous prospers, the city rejoices…..” Yes, when a “good” man rules, there is peace and abundance in the land. Just the opposite happens when an evil man reigns over the land.

Good vs Evil

It occurs to me that believers cannot just afford to fold hands and do nothing while evil prevails over the land and where there are perversions in the city.

Believers must rise and pray. They must pray against the reign of evil. It is the power of prayers that can defeat evil. And the prayer of a righteous man works wonder.

So, to every believer and those who love the Lord, let us rise (and continue to rise) and take up the challenge and pray for the deliverance of the land from evil before it overtakes us all.

Only the effective prayers of the believers can defeat the power of evil that is in the land.

Rise up and knock out the evil from the land and see righteousness reign again!

Reflective Words

Turn Your Complaints into Prayers

Instead of complaining to God and everyone, you can use the same energy to pray and achieve great result.

Prayer is an effective tool

Complaining does not guarantee anything other than waste of energy and resources.

The Israelites are a perfect example. They complained to God and Moses throughout their Exodus journey. Many of them could not get to the promise Land.

The Bible encourages us to make all our request known to God. You can do this by telling Him rather than complaining.

The same amount of energy and resources is required to achieve complain and prayer. But one is effective and the other is not.
Turn to God and turn your request unto Him in prayers and see results as it unfolds.
Greater glory lies ahead.

Booster For The Day

The Lord’s Prayer–Forever in His Presence

The Psalmist ends Psalm 23 with “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

This morning, this day, may the Lord’s goodness surpasses the enemies’ wickedness. May the Lord be with us on daily basis, to live in His presence, covered by and with the Lord’s arm. May His Mercy keeps us from evil that happens each day. May God wipe away our tears and cause His goodness to surrounds us.
Lord, please, let your Mercy stay with us for the rest of our days, for the rest of our lives.

Love the Lord with your heart and live for Him forever.
We love you God.

Reflective Words

The Lord’s Prayer–No Boundary

So, if God  blesses His people in a strange land, it means that it does not matter the location, the environment or the surrounding people. Once blessed, forever blessed.

The blessings of God knows no boundary. The blessings from God shows or demonstrates God’s love and kindness because these blessings are not based on our performances or actions or personal goodness. That is, no matter how we try, we may not be able to impress God.

He chooses to bless the Israelites in Egypt despite their lack of faith. He blessed Jacob even though he cheated his brother multiple times. He provided for Elijah in the forest (after he ran away thinking that he is the only godly prophet left and was trying to do God a favor). He had mercy upon Peter despite denying Him three times.

So, God’s blessing is His Mercy and His Mercy is His Love.

What we need is God’s blessing on all areas of our lives because it does not take into consideration what you do or have done; it only takes into consideration what He has done or His doing because His Love knows no bound.

Reflective Words

The Lord’s Prayer–fears disperse

God’s presence brings Peace. His presence disperses fear. His Grace counters hustles, burden, labor.
Fear torments. And it’s one of the  strongest enemy’s weapon.

Those who bully uses fear technic on their prey. Devil, the evil one, uses fear to make us lose confidence in God and in what God can do and in His promises.

Even In the darkest moment, you can walk through and survive.

If you know and believe God is with you, you won’t and shouldn’t be afraid.

God does not leave His own both in good time and in bad time. He is always near. That confidence is what you need to defeat and counter fear.

Reflective Words

The Lord’s Prayer–He guides

“He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.”

Because we get tired after so much labor, man needs to rest and regain strength. God renews the strength of the weak. For tougher challenges of life, we truly need God to help.

So, when you are confused and don’t know what to do, call on Him and He will pull you through or rescue you.

He guides His own in the right path. There are many ways in life but you need The Way. You need the place that God has prepared for you. The reason is because not every place is your place. You need your own place to prosper in life. So, God is committed to guide His own in the right path.

When we are faithfully led in the right direction, God is happy because this His honor. You are happy because you also experience successes.
Allow Him to lead and guide you in every path and in every direction. Don’t make the wrong turn. Call on God and He will guide you.

Reflective Words

The Lord’s Prayer-my Shepherd’s care

We need the Lord as our daily Shepherd to meet our daily need so we can say that “I will have no need of anything because my Shepherd provides it all.

My Shepherd orders my steps, my feet to the most fertile place, to the best job for me, to where my provisions has been stored, to my destiny, and yes to The Place.

At The Place, I found Peace of mind.  I am at Peace. My spirit is at rest. I found comfort and joy at what I do. I enjoy my daily work and I love whatever I do. There is Peace of mind and my heart is contented because my Shepherd makes me sit and relax at The Place where there is no trouble and where there is no chaos.

“Surely Love and Mercy, your Peace and Kindness will follow me”.