Find Your Heart; Find Your Purpose

Your heart will always chase and run after it passions. The heart searches for constant satisfaction  and fulfillment.

Like I said in my previous post, Every time you wish for a thing, it’s because your heart desires it. And when those desires finally become a reality, you feel excited. As a being, we are naturally looking for maximum satisfaction.

Your Heart-Source of your Happiness

This will lead us to defining our purpose because if you know why you exist, why you are here and why you are still breathing, finding your satisfaction won’t be difficult. If you understand your heart and its longings, you will know your purpose for living. Remember, your satisfaction is derived from fulfilling your heart desires.

So, my point is, you get satisfaction when you get what you want or what you are chasing or what you longed for. The question, then, is what are you living for? Why are you still here? Why do you keep doing what you do? If you can answer these questions, you may be able to find fulfillment.

I will walk through examples to help resonate this point. At the dawn of each day, the first thing is to get up and get out to work or do something that resides in your heart. This may be to go to work, complete a project, meet for the conference, call a friend, etc. Once your heart finds its desires, your purpose works to align with it to bring you satisfaction.

The reason you do a thing is because it’s been in your heart over a period of time. Search your heart and your desires will not be too far-fetched.

The longings of your heart ( what you really wish or desire) is your purpose for living.

If your purpose is to make the world a better place, the solution is to find the little you can do to make this a reality. Your purpose may be to help sick people, help young children, assist a manager on a project, complete a task, find the cure to a killer disease, support your community, care for the needy, write good stories for others to read, raise godly kids, serve in your church or community, whatever it is, as long as your purpose is well defined, your heart will work to bring this to satisfaction by acting as your driving force.

Therefore, search your heart and you will find your purpose for living.

As I said, your purpose can be just raising your kids in a godly and acceptable manner while a purpose can also be to lead a country where people of all diverse backgrounds have equal opportunity and right to all basic supports, and people living happily within a viable society.

Whatever it is, your purpose is within your heart and will work to bring your purpose to reality.


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Find Your Heart; Find Your Happiness

The things that bring gladness to a man are not oblivious to the heart. They are things that the heart knows and understand. Every time you wish for a thing, it’s because your heart desires it. And when that thing finally become a reality, you are happy.

Your Heart; Your Happiness

Your happiness is a function of the desires of your heart. You cannot be truly happy without satisfying your heart. Your heart is where all of your desires reside, and when those desires are fulfilled you experience happiness.

It is possible for you to be happy when you do an evil thing like an armed robber who stole is happy with the goods carted away. Also, a person who cheat looks happy because he is satisfied at another person’s dissatisfaction.

This is why the heart is a very complex part of you that must be guided what it feeds on.  A good tree only produces a good fruit and a bad tree will produce bad fruit.

Your true happiness lies in the abundance of the fulfillment of your heart. Look for those things that you long to achieve and you will bring smile to your face in a short amount of time.

Often, we are unhappy because we are not getting the things that we desire. A little effort to work at what our heart desires will most likely bring merriness to the heart.

You can live each day a happy person. This is possible if you can find what brings satisfaction to you. Your life’s fulfillment is heavily dependent on the satisfaction of your heart desires. You may need to stop doing those things that causes heart ache. Some of us needs to stop the evil acts we are engaged in.

In the true sense, evil actions does not have sustaining capacity to bring happiness to a man. So, you cannot remain a happy person doing evil. The Heart is designed by God to engage in activity that brings peace to humanity.

Find your heart and you will live happily the rest of your days.


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A Change No One Expect

This is a change. This is a transformation no one expected. Everyone wakes up only to realize that your life has changed; your life took a new turn. Some are surprised. Some are happy while some may not. Yes, because they do not expect the change.

Be Free!

The change is a transformation of life which start from within. How can this be? It’s only a supernatural manifestation that can alter a natural occurrence.

A changed life means a complete turn-around from an old life to a new life. Sometimes, a man can decide to quit smoking or drugs and alcohol. It may even be a dangerous way of life that you are giving up. This type of efforts and decisions do not often last because it is not accompanied by a supernatural force that brings about the needed change. Some do last with help from other people.

My point is this, no matter how we try to live differently, we still need a supernatural God to bring about the ultimate change. What we cannot or accomplish all by our-self, He can and He will if we let Him in.

The transformation God brings create a new You. He takes away the “old” and gives the “new” in while still maintaining the container. He does not alter the human personality, yet He makes a brand new person. After such a change, you always know you are different.

This change is what brings the new, sweet aura into your life. Let your changed life glows and glows again and again. This is your life; your destiny. You have been waiting this long for a new beginning. Now you have it. Let it glows.

Let your life shines the new light that glows around you. Live anew.

Seasons Reminder

Season Reminder

A current season only reminds us that another season will come. Snowtime only reminds us that the Spring will come and when the Springs finally arrives, we know that the summer is in the corner.

The rain only reminds us that the flowers will soon sprout. And the hard soil reminds us that we should wait a little more and the rain will soften the hard crust.

It is appropriate that a farmer who has spent the early Spring planting to expect harvesting in the Fall.

A hardworking student gets success. Diligent entrepreneurs experience business growth and profit. A loving husband enjoys his marital home, and a caring wife wins the love of his lover.

The present problems and challenges of life are just a reminder that the glorious season will come, and we will smile again.

Weeping endures only for a moment, but joy comes in the morning.

Challenges are just a reminder that we can patiently find the solution that makes for a better living.

Challenges are a season, and it will pass. When you have the desired results, and the solutions are in your hands, your season of rejoicing is here.

Re: When God is Not God

First of all, God cannot choose to not be God. This concept only exist on our mind when we feel disappointed that God did not do what we trusted Him to do.

This happens when we hold onto His promise(s) and did not see it happen.

God’s promises are “yes” and “amen”. It will surely come to pass. It’s just a matter of when. Remember, God honors His Word more than His name.

If you don’t know when an event will take place, you simply wait and on the lookout. If it doesn’t happen at the moment you expected, does this make Him incapable or limited,  or a liar? The answer is definitely “No”

So, what happens when we expect Him to do a promise and it does not happen? We surrender to His will. This is because He knows all things and He knows the best.

Learn to accept God both in the good time and also in the bad time. Learn from men of old and those who has gone through and going through a hard time right now and you will see that God has done and He is doing so much good for you than you can ever imagine.

Abraham was and is a good example. He didn’t know when God’s promise of a child will take place, but he waited. Although, he erred and missed it. His mistake still lingers on. At the right time, God visited him and his wife gave birth to Isaac.

God cannot seize to be God regardless of how we feel about Him, or the event of life.

Often, we are in a hurry, thinking that God is not doing His promise. Yes, He is! You just don’t see it with your naked eyes.

Remember, He uses both the good and the bad to accomplish His purpose in life.

God was God in Pharaoh, and God was also God in David.

So, whether it’s a good situation or a bad situation, God is still God.

..but there’s a single situation that God is not God.

When you refuse to believe and doubt this Word, then God can’t be God. God is not God in your life when you doubt Him because He’s incapable of working His good promises in an unbeliever.

Therefore, accept His purpose and His will even when it does not makes sense.
God is still God regardless of our condition–good or bad.

How To Know The Right Place

The Place

First, watch out for the sign of PEACE. I tell you, this is the leading sign– inner peace. Then watch out for deep satisfaction that is incomparable.
Then, watch out for little successes. This is a sign that God is with you in that project, work, job, relationship. If it will work, you will know from within and without. It has to be both because what you believe inside you must be confirmed from the outside with evidence.
Lastly, you will encounter challenges along the way but the sign that it is (still) the right place ( or right decision) for you is that you will notice God making a way for you out of no way. Be obedient to follow the lead.
Remember, Isaac dig a well three times in different places before he found his place and peace.

You will find your place in life and live in peace.

What is this Place?

The Place

It is possible to get to a place and be confused as to what to do. Often, we all get confused and find it hard to make the best decision.
There are usually solutions and answers when in this type of situation.

First, follow the path before you. If some have gone that path before, their experience serves as a foot steps for you to follow

Second, follow your heart. This is possible only if your heart is right. Don`t deceive yourself and allow your head to overrule your heart. If your heart is not right, you will miss the right direction.

Lastly, God will guide you that you will not miss it if you can hear Him. Isaiah said, “you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way…. whether it is (the) right or left.” (Isaiah 30:21) What this means is that regardless of where you turn, whether right or left, you cannot miss it as long as you hear the voice telling you to go there. But be sure to hear correctly.

Absence of Trouble in My Location

The Place

God never promise absence of trouble at any time. Instead, He promised Peace. When you get to the place of your destiny, it does not mean that there will be no challenges. In fact, there will be. Your faith and trust in God will be tested. But if it is your place, and you are sure, you will overcome all challenges and come out shining.
Jesus said, “in this world you will have problems but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.”
Be sure you are in the right place and no matter what happens, you will always win.

And to get solution, we must pray. It was on record that Jesus had to pray every morning before others wake up to achieve the magnitude of His success. I believe we will achieve very little without prayer.

Go To Where the Blessing Is

The Place

If you are in the wrong place, you can not enjoy God`s blessing. God will not redirect the blessing. You have to go to the place where the blessing has been provided. This rule cannot change. A football player does not plays/shoots or throws the ball to where the receiver is; he plays it to where he want the player to go. So, the receiver runs to catch the ball. Run to catch your blessing at the place.
You have to move from where you are now to where you ought to be. Your blessing is there. Go there.

But I am Told This Is My Place

The Place

First, you cannot blame anybody for your failures in life. So, the fact that you were born in a place does not mean you must live there. Moving from one place to another is dynamic and constant in life until you get to The Place. Jesus moved from place to place to preach. Paul travel to different places to plant churches. Abraham left his native land. Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph all moved. In fact, most people only get to prosper when they moved. So, nobody can tell you this is your place unless and until you are sure it is The Place. People will say a lot of stuff–many of which you must trash if you are going to make any success in your life`s journey. Inner conviction is what you need in determining your Place in life.

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