Go To Where the Blessing Is

The Place

If you are in the wrong place, you can not enjoy God`s blessing. God will not redirect the blessing. You have to go to the place where the blessing has been provided. This rule cannot change. A football player does not plays/shoots or throws the ball to where the receiver is; he plays it to where he want the player to go. So, the receiver runs to catch the ball. Run to catch your blessing at the place.
You have to move from where you are now to where you ought to be. Your blessing is there. Go there.

But I am Told This Is My Place

The Place

First, you cannot blame anybody for your failures in life. So, the fact that you were born in a place does not mean you must live there. Moving from one place to another is dynamic and constant in life until you get to The Place. Jesus moved from place to place to preach. Paul travel to different places to plant churches. Abraham left his native land. Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph all moved. In fact, most people only get to prosper when they moved. So, nobody can tell you this is your place unless and until you are sure it is The Place. People will say a lot of stuff–many of which you must trash if you are going to make any success in your life`s journey. Inner conviction is what you need in determining your Place in life.

Is This The Place?

The Place

That place may be rosy but it is not the place. It may be good for other people but may not be good for you. In fact, some people (you know) are doing very well in the same place, but you are not. Moving to another state or another country does not necessarily guarantee success especially if your motive is because you are running from problems and challenges of life. There are problems everywhere in every place. New place comes with new challenges.
If it is not the place for you, there is little you can do to get success. If it is not the place for you, it is not the place. It has to be the place for you to be successful.
So, move to The Place.


This series is titled “The Place”

Locate your Location on the Map

The Place

Every place is not the right place for you. You get to some places and you are recognized, but you get to some other places and nobody noticed you. God told Elijah that He had commanded the Raven to feed him at A Place. But Elijah had to move and go to the place where his blessings has been sent.

Locate your place in life. Find where God has provided the blessings. Your mind (heart) will help you know the place. There will be peace when you get there.