Deep thinking

It takes less than a second to think. So thinking is faster than speaking.

If thinking is faster than speaking, then it’s possible to think before speaking.

What’s the good in going to the next level if one is failure bound at the next level?

If the risk is failure guaranteed, then the risk is not worth taking.

If one is constantly chasing after money, Gold and Silver, there’s a high probability that one will be missing out on other areas of life.

From Wisdom Snippets

Under the Oppressor — Open your “other eye”

Liberation of the mind is the ultimate deliverance from the Oppressor.

Take a cue from the Israelites when in Egypt. They oppressed the Israelites. They truly wanted deliverance, but when the deliverer came, they were doubtful.

In fact, one betrayed Moses and shouted, “who made you lord over us”. They wanted deliverance but weren’t ready.

They constantly brutalized their physical bodies, and their minds were also in captivity.

If the mind is not free, the physical body can’t be free.

God had to remind them and reassure them again and again of His promises to get their mind to a liberated condition that would facilitate their ultimate freedom.

If your mind is not “free”, your life is likely clouded. If your mind is clogged, you won’t be able to see your future clearly. If your mind is blind, then you’re in the dark.

The ultimate freedom of man is the liberation of the mind.

You can “see” deeper things not through the eyes but through the mind.

Your other eye is your mind.

The life of man on earth 18.0 (this makes no sense)

Have you ever wondered how politicians make promises yet fail to deliver?

How about those who cheat others to become rich?

How about Influencers? They have many followers, yet, they may have fewer degrees (academic experience) than you. 

Have you ever wondered why your opinion does not matter even though you are knowledgeable?

People would listen to an Influencer with no idea than listen to you because you are not an influencer. 

An armed robber or a burglar would likely get more wealthy than you would though the source of their wealth might be unpopular or illegal. 

Generally, those who are influencers are often acceptable in society. 

If you are poor, you are likely despised and rejected even if you have ideas.

Job 21:7-9 NET 7 “Why do the wicked go on living, grow old, even increase in power? 8 Their children are firmly established in their presence, their offspring before their eyes. 9 Their houses are safe and without fear, and no rod of punishment from God is upon them.

The wicked prosper even though it uses illegal means.

Kidnappers and drug traffickers make more money through devious methods than the educated genius who went to Harvard. 

All these make no sense!

Even Jesus chose Peter, an uneducated fisherman, Matthew, a fraudulent tax collector, and Paul, who killed many people, to do His work. 

So, to gain knowledge and power, follow the One who has it all.


The life of man on earth 17.0 (the lasting hope)

Job 19:25-26 EasyEnglish 25 I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that, in the end, he will stand upon the earth. 26 One day I will die and people will bury me in the ground. But in this, my body, I will see God.

Paul said that hope that is seen is not hope. If we hope for what we do not have at the moment, then we wait for it patiently. 

It takes a lot of endurance and patience to stand temptations, peer pressure, and intimidation.

If you do not have it today, tomorrow is possible. Not everyone is willing to wait for tomorrow though.

All your desires may not come to reality. 

For all these reasons, you need the same confidence as Job.

I may not see all the promises of God, but I have God who has all the promises in His custody. 

My hope is that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond my imagination and my thoughts. 

Even if I fail, He won’t fail me.

Here lies the lasting hope in an unfailing God.

Your wits’ end is God’s starting point.