Under the Oppressor — Open your “other eye”

Liberation of the mind is the ultimate deliverance from the Oppressor.

Take a cue from the Israelites when in Egypt. They oppressed the Israelites. They truly wanted deliverance, but when the deliverer came, they were doubtful.

In fact, one betrayed Moses and shouted, “who made you lord over us”. They wanted deliverance but weren’t ready.

They constantly brutalized their physical bodies, and their minds were also in captivity.

If the mind is not free, the physical body can’t be free.

God had to remind them and reassure them again and again of His promises to get their mind to a liberated condition that would facilitate their ultimate freedom.

If your mind is not “free”, your life is likely clouded. If your mind is clogged, you won’t be able to see your future clearly. If your mind is blind, then you’re in the dark.

The ultimate freedom of man is the liberation of the mind.

You can “see” deeper things not through the eyes but through the mind.

Your other eye is your mind.