Eternity Will Break This One

It is said that “habit die hard” but I tell you that eternity will break this one. Why worrying or struggling to break a habit? Yes, we all have at least one habit whether good or bad. Habit can be good or bad. Most of the time, it is the bad habit that gives us concern.

Is it important to try to break a habit, and why? If a particular habit is wreaking havoc in your life, then deal with it. The problem is that we worry about getting rid of a habit and most of the energy we use to do this can be channeled to do something positive like engage with projects, assignments, making decisions and thinking about something we want to achieve. Doing this immediately draws the mind away from the bad habit. There seems to be one way to deal with habit– and this is to counter it with another habit. So, if my mind is saying “smoke a cigar now or you have forgotten to drink a bottle of beer today” I can only counter this thought by reminding myself that the doctor said, “I stand the risk of a lung cancer if I continue to smoke, and alcohol excesses will damage my heart.

That said, it is still hard to deal with certain habit and I know some reading this know and agree to this. Solution–if this habit can kill you potentially then be prepared to meet your Maker. Check my post We All Will Die

If this does not apply to you, then think about the consequences of continuing the habit and be prepared to face it.

If this also does not apply to you, ask for help. Even Paul, from the Bible, begged God to take away certain problem (infirmities or personal issues) and God Refused. Instead, God gave him Grace. Although, there is no grace to sin again and again. Perfection is impossible in this life. We can only work towards it. To become perfect means no need for grace. We do not merit anything, therefore we need grace..

If this still does not work for you, then give up trying to break any habit. Why focus so much energy on a habit when you can use the same energy to accomplish better things for your life? Trying to break any habit is another strategy from the evil one to make us ineffective. We may never reach perfection until we leave this world–even this world is not perfect. Problems abound.

It is certain that Eternity will break every habit that is hard to break now. So I say, focus your efforts on what you desire to accomplish in life. Check my post 3-step to living a happy life

Eternity will destroy everything that is not good. Go ahead, live your life free of worry about things bothering you. We will all be changed at eternity, after all. So, whatever problem it is: physical, emotional, sexual problems and drug habits, psychological or any whatsoever, all will be done away with when Eternity breaks it all. Instead, focus on your goals and purpose in life.

Watch out for my post on –“Here It Comes” about “eternity”

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