Excerpt from Wisdom snippets

Keep your mind off of what you don’t want in your head. Rid off the ridiculous thoughts that are trying to make you look ridiculous.

You can only become so much as your mind can contain. Your greatness in life is a function of how vast your mind is.

The grace of God and help from above make a difference in one’s life.

Whatever you can’t change, there’s always a Supreme being who can make the difference. Look up to Him.

You have a short time to live on earth, therefore, enjoy your time well.

God, the most Supreme, help me to understand how to live a successful life.

Stay away from trouble as much as you can.

Whatever you have or want to do, do it quickly. Time lost can’t be recovered. The same goes for investment opportunities.

Master yourself; master your destiny.

Rebrand, Renew and Refocus

The help of God is better than the help of man.

O God, give me the wisdom to say “no” when I need to and to say “yes” when I ought to.

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