Happy Mother’s Day!

When God

Created mothers

All as lovely

As can be,

He made one

Extra special

And saved her just for me!

Of all the special

Joys In life

the big ones

And the small

A mother’s love

And tenderness

Is the greatest

Of them all.

My mother’s love Is like no other.

Her tenderness and care are boundless,

Her love for us is perfect.

She’s there through thick and thin,

A constant source of love within.

She is strong, brave, and courageous

Mothers are emotional, but their emotion is their strength as they exude true and genuine love to everyone

Give them all the praise there is, they deserve it!

For all the lovely mothers and all the mothers-to-be,

I want to say happy Mother’s Day to you all!


Copied, written and adapted by ‘Darasimi Adebayo 

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