Lord, Thank you

Yes! “Thank you Lord” is the delightful words of every true child of God.
Although the year is a few weeks from over, we can say “A Big Thank you” to a good Lord.

Not everyone may agree that they have something to thank God for, but the Bible says, “in everything give thanks for this is God’s will for us. Did you read that? Yes, it is God’s will that we give thanks.

No doubt, we all have challenges. Although, some people’s challenges may be greater than others. God is aware of this and He encourages us to trust Him for everything.

So, you can trust Him for those things you are waiting for. Which one would you rather do? Live in despair and desperation or live in courage and confidence? I’d rather choose the latter.

Make your mind to give thanks to God today for all He’s done and for all He’s going to do. Thank God for past and present and for the future and watch the glorious future comes to pass.
Thank you Lord!

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