Wisdom nuggets

Do not trust more than you should. This way, you won’t be disappointed if they let you down.

Those who think they know a lot usually don’t know a lot. Besides, no one knows everything.

You will likely encounter a lot of obstacles on your way. In all, stay through to yourself. Do not fail yourself!

Anyone can get tired. So, take some rest frequently.

There will always be a replacement. So, don’t stress yourself out doing it all.

Hatred and racism have always been in the heart of man. Will it change now? My resounding answer is a big No!

Seek your happiness and do things that make you happy.

Turn down and stay away from anything that does not align and help fulfill your goals and purpose in life no matter how enticing it is.

In most cases, people look out for their interests first before they look out for you.

Believing the truth is simple but people chose to embrace lies and falsehood.

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