Reflective Words

Signs that you are drifting away

The following are the critical signs that you are drifting away. 

— when you develop indifferent attitude to the things you love passionately before.

— when you reduce the amount of time you spend on the things you love to do.

— when other people, like your mentor, warns you but you refuse to listen. 

— when there are clear signs that you have abandoned the right lane, yet you insist on your desire.

— when suddenly you fall in love with things that you hate or dislike before.

— when you deliberately choose to do the despicable despite your conscience saying no to such acts.

— when you disobey your devoted calling.

–when you don’t share your secrets with your loved ones as you used to because your thoughts are stained with unpleasant dirt. 

–when you won’t let go of pride and you are full of yourself. 

— when you suddenly begin to say “it doesn’t matter” to things that usually matter before. 

— when you don’t seek counsel. 

— when you seek counsel but don’t follow it.

— when you seek counsel and follow it but don’t ask for direction when confused. 

— when you say you have lost your interest and you have no passion anymore.

Like a gazelle, run and cry for help before your life falls apart like a pack of cards…or like “things fall apart”.

By A.M. Adebayo

My name is Adeyemi Michael Adebayo. For many years now, I have been thinking about what I can do to be fulfilled and affect people positively. God impressed in my heart to teach and write what He has put in my heart that this is the purpose of this blog–that you will find resources that bless your life. Be blessed and live a fulfilled life.

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