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How to stop The Falling From Grace 4.0

Sometimes, one must maintain a consistent line of intercession over time. It is not to suggest that God did not hear you the first time, but it is a way of appealing the case before God just like you would before a judge. You must pray your way out of calamity.

Prayer- your saving grace

I emphasized that Prayer is not just about the usual talking to God or asking that we all do. I am talking about pleading or begging for a cause, not for a short time but a continual or consistent, intentional act that draws the grace of God to move in a given direction.

There are several examples of people in the Bible that demonstrate a consistent habit of pleading their case before God. Some of these people got what they wanted, some did not, yet they did not give up.

Cain killed his brother Abel. Afterward, he begged God to save his life. God agreed and put a mark on him for his protection. 

Abraham prayed to God concerning Isaac’s life. God agreed and made a provision. He pleaded with God to spear the life of his son, Isaac. God heard him.

Jacob prayed, asking for help as he journey through an unknown land. God appeared to Him.

Moses would spend time again and again pleading to God on behalf of the rebellious Israelites. Countless times Moses was able to avert the destruction of the Israelites.

Samson prayed one more time after his eyes plucked out of their sockets. God heard him, and he defeated and killed the enemies more than when he had his eyes intact.

Time would fail to enumerate people, who through prayers, saved nations and rescue the prey from the spoiler.

Jesus went on to pray all night before the crucifixion. He often spent time praying all night. Jesus asked the Father that if it’s possible, He averted the pain. Jesus was willing to sacrifice His life, and as such, He gave it all.

The bible encouraged us to pray without ceasing. While Peter was in prison, the followers refused doubt he would be released and kept praying for his freedom.

Paul said that he didn’t stop praying for the disciples every day.

Many of us will not get through this life without the help of continual prayers. 

Jesus, while on the throne, at the right hand, still pleads on our behalf.

Through the grace of God, we can maintain a daily victorious life if we do not stop seeking God and maintaining a committed relationship with Him.


By A.M. Adebayo

My name is Adeyemi Michael Adebayo. For many years now, I have been thinking about what I can do to be fulfilled and affect people positively. God impressed in my heart to teach and write what He has put in my heart that this is the purpose of this blog–that you will find resources that bless your life. Be blessed and live a fulfilled life.

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