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Talking to God like a friend– how can I?

In my previous post, I stated that God is approachable. You can come to God and be yourself. You can use every word available, and you need not be careful of expressing yourself in God’s presence.

How can we do this successfully? The question is like saying how can I be a good friend of God, or at least His “buddy”?

First, you need to try and know Him and His ways. You cannot be a good friend to anyone without knowing them.

The best way to understand God is through His words. Learn His words, and you would have known a good chunk of who God is.

Develop a new habit of talking to Him every time, especially using your mental faculty (mind), is a great thing.

Avoid distraction! We often focus on talking to people at the workplace and different places in our lives and usually give them undivided attention. Give God your heart and mind.

You can avoid distraction by turning distraction to your notepad. Yes, turn distraction to your notepad! Whenever you remember anything or something that tries to catch your attention, write it down while you are talking to God, but never leave the presence of God.

Don’t stop talking to God even if you are distracted. After a while, you would train your mind to focus when you are with God.

Lastly, even if you don’t know what to say, the bible says that the Spirit will help us pray. The Holy Spirit understands God and can communicate with Him clearly than we can. So, He will help our minds say things that our mouth cannot utter.

Sometimes, He will help you speak in different languages called “tongues”

In all, you will know God more when you talk to Him often like a friend.
Give it a try!

By A.M. Adebayo

My name is Adeyemi Michael Adebayo. For many years now, I have been thinking about what I can do to be fulfilled and affect people positively. God impressed in my heart to teach and write what He has put in my heart that this is the purpose of this blog–that you will find resources that bless your life. Be blessed and live a fulfilled life.

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