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Talking to God like a friend– the dialogue

In my previous post, I emphasized that God is not a mysterious being that you cannot approach neither is He hidden in a place that you cannot come near. 

I said that He is your friend and also your heavenly Father. So, be free to say it all.
He hears everything.

I also said that those who spend more time talking to God acquire depths of His understanding and His ways and must be respected and revered. The reason is that they represent God and are often His messengers.

Lastly, I said Avoid distraction! We often focus on talking to people at the workplace and different places in our lives and usually give them undivided attention. Give God your heart and mind.

In my final post, I am saying that you should turn your conversation into a dialogue. Wait on God intermittently to hear Him speak a word to you. Be keen on what He is going to tell you. 

Look for insight into His word. There are possibilities of scripture flashing through your mind. Take a pause and search the word as it comes alive in your mind.

As you talk to God, He is also willing to speak to you. So, allow Him to say something to you too.

God is closer than we can imagine, and He is willing to engage in a conversation with us.

The closer we are to God, the better our relationship is.


By A.M. Adebayo

My name is Adeyemi Michael Adebayo. For many years now, I have been thinking about what I can do to be fulfilled and affect people positively. God impressed in my heart to teach and write what He has put in my heart that this is the purpose of this blog–that you will find resources that bless your life. Be blessed and live a fulfilled life.

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